The first game of the 2017 season looked to be going well enough in Carltons first ever Cricket match with Notts County, particularly when one remembers they only played one game in 2016.

Greg Last and Ian White opened the batting as usual, Last skied one and was caught and Whitey pulled it round at the end, Garton and Roome entered the affray and the score moved on to 17 with both batsman looking comfortable and then something happened that could change history for ever.

Roome tickled the ball down the leg side, Garton called for a single and then it happened, Gartons hamstring popped with his left leg collapsing on him and he ended up in a heap on the floor.

Notts county completed the run out but sportingly withdrew their appeal once they realised the circumstances of Gartons demise, it may be terminal!

He was helped from the Floodlite arena and Last completed his innings by launching two more into the sky which were caught and claimed, perhaps the wrong man to replicate the skippers style of play?

His loyal batting partner and vice Captain Alan Roome took up the baton, he was to lead the troops in a thriller! 

New boy Dan was up next with the recovering Rob alongside him, not recovering from being an Alcoholic but ongoing injury issues, his two year stint at Roko as turned him into a new man.

Rob launched a hefty blow and Dan stroked a beautiful cover drive and they were out the once with Rob being caught.

Westy was not at his best with the bat being bowled on leg stump and out twice, but he was to make amends with the ball.

Whitey in his second stint with the bat was brilliantly caught off the very last ball by Notts Countys Jimmy, if Gartons demise was not the turning point, that fantastic caught and bowled certainly was.

Whitey through down his bat in frustration, but then went and congratulated Jimmy , Whitey would have been proud of taking that one himself.

Jimmy bowled superbly in taking 4-8 and Simon signed as Captain from Nottingham Forest was equally impressive in taking 2-7 while Neil 1-9 got the other wicket. 

Carlton finished on -4 and would need a miracle to win this game but they oh so nearly did!

Garton had tried to walk off his injury but when he attempted to bowl in the interval, the leg went again, it was goodnight from him! 

Dan and Greg were tidy, Westy excellent with 2-12  and Alan, Whitey and Rob all chipped in with a wicket to take the game to the last over but Jimmy completed his man of the match performance by keeping out Whiteys last over and hitting a 4 to put Notts County into the positive with a score of 4.

Special mention for Pete Bradley who played for Notts due to them only having 6 and blasted out his usual banter to all and sundry and did end on the winning side.

Tim Bee enjoyed being back and commented on what a great game it was, many were particularly pleased for Simon Fotheringam who had come so close in the past when representing Forest to defeating the Millers, but things are somewhat rosier the other side of the Trent at the moment and some of that certainly seemed to have rubbed on the competitive but popular Fotheringam.

For Garton, time to decide if it is the end of a glittering career with Father Time catching up with most of his team and particularly him, the next day was spent off work, the first time he has been off sick for approximately 16 years.

Sick with a knackered hamstring, unable to walk and defeated for only the second time , was this a game changer for old warrior?



A new season begins and in the case of Carlton Towns Chairman Mick Garton, it is clear his cricket career is drawing to a close.

52 years old going on 60 he felt after this performance, yes he still has the golden arm, two outstanding wickets, a not out performance with the bat by the skin of his teeth, but a dropped catch, a missed run out and one straight through his legs show father time is finally catching up with last seasons you tube end of season hero! 

The rain came down but these two teams were determined to get the game on and along with umpire Tim Bee who looks younger every year, they put on a spectacle.

Carlton Town did what they do best losing only 3 wickets in putting on an impressive 69 with consistency across the board for the cricketing Millers.

Carlton followed that up with a fine bowling display against a Forest team who have some powerful hitters, Harvey impresses, Mark was an impressive addition but the highly rated Nick had a bad day at the office.

Excellent captain Simon will always ensure Forest are in the mix but old performers like West, Bradley, White , Last and Roome are still beating Father Time, the captain is just hanging on and Brindley is as pure has a babys bottom, young , vibrant and loved by all !

Whitey with catches, 2-5 and decent runs is a valuable asset for Carlton but one should not underestimate the contribution of the" Bishop of Banter" step forward Pete Bradley, a great character and a pretty decent player indeed!



It was a smelly but mild evening at the Colosseum of cricket as Carlton and Forest came together with this seasons farewell fixture and once again, Forest stepped up to the plate to give the unbeaten Millers a game to remember.

Carlton were without West and Last and brought in former footballing Miller Jamie walker and Felix Lighter along with a boy called Chris from the disbanded Tesco side. 

The Tesco connection may have worried the Carlton Boys as they were in fairness a poor side but Chris stepped up to the plate to impress his new team mates.

Garton and Roome opened the batting and made a cautious but useful start before White and lighter moved things forward more progressively, Jamie walker impressed with Dad Ray and despite a silly run out, Carlton continued to progress their score which eventually finished at 60 after Brindley was caught in the deep.

The pumped up Simon with 1/5 and the impressive Harvey 1/8 were the pick of the Forest bowlers.

Forest responded with a combination of caution and intent and chipped away at the score suffering just one wicket down after 12 overs to the probing Felix Lighter.

With 15 needed from 4 overs and then 11 from 3, up stepped the 52 year old Carlton Town Chairman to bowl against the powerful and big hitting Ben White and what happened next will go in folklore at The Bill Sokeld Stadium.

Grant Brindley had already spilt a difficultl low chance as Garton turned the screw before the final ball of the over saw White attempt to dispatch Garton into row z. The Carlton Town Captain removed Whites middle stump and word has it, the sky coverage caught by excellent camera man Johnno has gone viral.

Carltons Ian White put the final nail in the coffin by twice removing George and Ben White hit back with a mighty 6, but the game had gone and it was high fives all round for The Millers boys after another unbeaten season.

A pint in the bar, a smile from umpire Tim Bee , massive credit to a Forest team who are taking Gartons boys to the wire, but the right arm Chinaman is alive and kicking and long may that continue in the smelly but healthy Gedling air. 




Possibly the greatest game of cricket ever played at Stoke Lane unfolded in dramatic fashion inside The Terri Shepard Arena at The Bill Stokeld stadium.

It is only a matter of time before Forest finally get over the line and secure a victory against Carltons veterans one feels, but they could not do it this time despite going oh so close!

White and Last showed their opponents due respect this time out and put on a sensible opening stand of 27 with one huge 6 from the powerfull Last the highlight.

Garton and Roome ticked along nicely before a brilliant catch by Ben White saw Roome out for the first time in two years , two years of thrills for his band of fans who love the Garton /Roome approach to life in the fast Lane. Despite the dismissal, Roome finished with a flurry of off side boundaries to take the score into the thirties.

Ray batted well for nine, Gaz Bee making his debut not so well, out twice in two balls, a pre match pint and a tab proudly did not help.

The big hitting Grant Brindley and the more cautious Mark West pulled Carlton round to 46 off their 16 overs.

Johno 2/3 was the pick of the Forest bowlers and Simon 0/3 was difficult to get away.

The run chase began with Simon and Greg at the crease but Simon was out to a wonderful low catch by a man that time passes by, Mr Mark West, take a bow!

Ben Richardson was back with Forest after his loan move to Carlton came to an end and hit an aggressive 16 and with Ryan getting 6, Forest were back in the game.

Third up were Robin and Johno, a strange period indeed, only one run off the bat in 4 overs but no dismissals.

It was down to the last couple Ben and George to get Forest over the line but cometh the hour, cometh the man, a fantastic runout by Grant Brindley after just being moved by the tactical wizard of a captain Mick Garton changed the course of this high octane game. 

Forest Punched back with George smashing Bee for a six, his dad umpire Tim Bee had a wry smile, perhaps thinking "my son should not drink before entering the Arena" 

Ten needed to win then from 2 overs and up stepped captain Mick Garton with his slow right arm chinaman beauties, the captain conceded only 4 runs and it was then down to the legend that is Ian White.

White steamed in, dot ball, three more were to follow befor Ben White smashed the ball through the covers for four, one ball to go, two runs to win and one to draw, Garton and Roome brought the field in to protect the near fences, White came in, tension at boiling point and bowled wide of the off stump, Ben White failed to connect but run they did, wicket keeper Greg Last collected and smashed down the stumps, Forest had lost on the last ball and The Millers were winners again!

What a game, what a night, match winning moments were in the field, Mark West and Grant Brindley the heroes, Ian White the man of the match with 2/5 and 13 with the bat.

Forest captain Simon Fotheringham was gutted, he need not be, his team are on the right track and Carlton know that they have found a team that can match them, getting over the line is Forests next hurdle and that was a collective thought as the players retired for a well deserved pint in the Carlton Town Clubhouse, well deserved indeed ! 



It is very fair to say that on the football pitch, Carlton Town would be no match for Nottingham Forest but on the cricket pitch, well that is a different story indeed!

8 members of the Forest back room staff arrived at the Bill Stokeld stadium buzzing and ready to go against the Carlton Town veterans.

Nick Richardson was deemed surplus to requirements by the confident Forest boys so with Brad dropping out for The Millers late on, Carlton snapped up the exciting young gun and he played a sexy part in The Millers win.

Forest started like an express train blowing Last and Whitey away twice each in the first 4 overs, unheard of indeed, White recovered with a few late blows but it was left to Captain Mick Garton and vice captain Alan Roome to rebuild the scorecard with a partnership of 18.

Garton with two spanking cover drives looked in great nick and with the help of the ever dependable Roome, the two proper old fashioned cricketers had got Carlton back in line.

Next up Ray Walker and Rob Ledwitch, Ray steady composed and purposefull and Rob, a rabbit trapped in headlights, a man in decline , a figure who desperately needs to use his Roko membership for the first time in 12 months and rebuild his sporting life, he had a Booby Shocker with the bat, out 3 times scoring -28, oh dear , oh Rob, so sad for a once great batsman who filled stadiums, he would need to bowl well!

Mark west with a defensive master class and the impressive and aggressive Nick gave The Millers a steady finish but a score of 4 looked no where near enough at the half way stage.

Ryan 2-7 and Simon 1-0 were the pick of the Forest bowlers but their were good numbers across the team to put Carlton on the rack!

Forest looked favourites at this stage and umpire Tim Bee told Garton and Roome "your in a game tonight".They did not need telling, they were well aware and the need to field and bowl well was stressed early doors by The Millers captain!

One look at the Forest boys told you they were up for the challenge, Simon a bold powerful captain, Robin the Robin Hood type swashbuckling hero with Friar Tuck and all his merry men underneath, ready to do battle with the bat and blow away the ageing Millers and Take Garton, the Sheriff of Nottigham and his warriors down!


Now Rob has took some stick tonight for his woefull batting but boy can this boy bowl, he came storming back like a real life Captain Kirk on planet Clingon, what a performance from the balding wonder !

4-3 is up there with the greatest ever figures and with Westy 3/13 , Greg 2/12  and with Mick, Nick and Ray also chipping in with wickets, Forest were on the rack.

Simon and Greg were the only Forest players to end in a positive and the former double winning European champions on the football pitch went down on the cricket pitch.

A different day, a different era and a different sport but once again the old men of Carlton came through and a special mention for the top scorer on the day for both teams Mick Garton, a Sheriff indeed!

A final word for the fielding by both sides, some great catches by almost everyone and in particular veterans West and Roome, the rematch was called for and Garton and Roome responded in the positive, Carlton will find that Forest get better, these games could have an interesting future indeed and we look forward to chapter 2 , one feels it is coming soon!


CARLTON TOWN 120 TESCO-57 10/08/2015

Tescos Netherfield store had gone, confined to history but the former loyal work force regrouped for one final night together on the cricket field.

What they witnessed will go down in history, Carlton Town folklore, tales of legends and vagabonds and then there is Mark West.

West was a footballer, a very good one ,but now into his 50s along with other members of this dads army of a side,suddenly without notice turned back the clock to a bygone era of Ford Capris, Velvet Jackets and Castlemaine xxxx.

The ball was driven just off the ground and certainly to low for West to get down to, but what he did next was incredible, he controlled the ball with his foot, trapped it, flicked it up and took the catch, bless you, such wonders will never be repeated on these shores!

By now the match had gone, Tesco once again well beaten, Last too went back in time as he so often does, not life on Mars, but life in Last Land which now comes courtesy of a place called Colwick Village, it as never been a village! He was out first ball and made minus one , then got pasted when he bowled but somehow nearly got a hatrick, a special man indeed!

Whitey 21, Ray Walker 20. were good, Mick 9 and Alan 8 steady as ever and Brad explosive with 36. Rob back in the fold chipped in with 11 but Mark -4 had batted better.

Credit to Matt H 1/11 and Scott 1/7 ,not so much Ashley 0/37 and Matt G 0/24 and on the batting front Calvin 6 and Steve 9 can raise a smile, Ash -28 and Anthony -18 have had better days!

Carlton bowling, quiet one for the skipper 0/9, but Ray 1/2, Whitey 1/3, Alan 2/1, Rob 2/4 , Westy 1/4 and Bradd 1/5 all were on the money while Greg finished with 2/15.

The Tesco Boys had a good following on the night, such is the respect of a former great workforce so the pints were drunk, umpire Tim Bee checked his scorecard, he did not need to bother, Tescos thoughts were now on other matters, a new job, a well deserved beer and a bit of banter, you can not beat a bit of banter, ask Bradd, he is the Comminsioner Reagan of banter and Westy, well for tonight he was George Best, anybody remember him? 

Miss World, Champagne it is all there for Mark West, it is just a pity the Sky cameras gave this one a miss, it would have been replayed a million times, alas it is just a memory but a bloody good one!



Carlton Town chairman Mick Garton pulled his cricket gear on for yet another game and despite dodgy knees, he and his merry band of golden oldies continue to defy the odds and committ their broken bodies to torture in the name of the competitive sport they all love.

The magic is ,they keep winning and win they they did again for the Chairmans birthday game.

Ray Walker stepped away from his recent role in The Millers side to put out a Netherfield Albion side in an attempt to dethrone the Wheeltappers and shutters Social Club as someone recently described Gartons old but merry bunch.

A measured start from White and Last was the order of the day and they did not let the skipper down in his birthday game scoring 22 from their 4 overs without dismissal.

Garton and Roome continued the sterling work adding 18 to leave The Millers on 40 after 8 overs.

The rails then came off a little bit with Brad and Westy both ending in the negative before Brinners and Bally both had their ups and downs in an entertaining but erratic stand , debutant Ben also finished in the negative and The Millers only had 33 on the board.

Gaz Bee with 2-12 was the surprise bowling package for Netherfield," The local boy done good duck" said one delighted Netherfield resident lighting her 4th successive Lambert and Butler.

Domanic Thomas has looked the real deal 2/12 while Jamie Walker 2/13 and John who also took 2/12 were the pick of Rays bowlers and will have been happy to peg Carlton to 33.

It was the batting where it went down hill for Netherfield with some kamikaze displays which entertained but lacked logic and debutant Ben 4/9 , Lasty 3/17 ,Brad 2/14 were the pick of The Millers bowlers.

Their were wickets for all 9 Carlton bowlers and the only Netherfield man to end in the positive was that man Gaz Bee, pint in hand earlier , he blasted 10 off three balls from the Carlton skippers right arm chinamen specials but just when Bee thought he was on a role, Garton dropped in his "wrong un" and it was a mission too far for Bee who saw his middle stump disappear into the sunset .

Massive credit to Ray Walker for putting a team together for the game, a big thankyou once again to Tim Bee, the big man in the middle and then it was time for the beer to flow and those magical men from the eighties to spin some tunes, Craig Strong and Mark Mason were on top form, another cracking day at Carlton Town FC. "Goodnight Godbless" said Jeppo with a lovely speech , no birthday is complete without Jeppo and Pam and of course Dennis who arrived with a lovely book for the Chairman, a fitting end to a cracking afternoon and with Simple Minds and Phil Collins playing everyone out, it was time to retire to the old peoples home for at least one player, Alan Roome was not in a good place , hamstring wise, we wish him well!





This website understands there is soon to be an 80s party at the home of The Millers but The legend that is Greg Last got a little mixed up with the dates and gave us all a full 80s montage of batting which included a six, a four and two brainless dismissals, Whitey got caught up in Adam Ant mode too attempting to stand and deliver but between the two of them, they only delivered a negative start for The Millers.

With the score on -14, selective stroke players Garton and Roome stepped into the conersium to attempt to repair the damage , pulls, drives and nurdles were the order of the day as the put on 17 to bring The Millers back into the positive.

The explosive Pete Bradley and the more measured Mark West continued the good work before Brindley and Walker at the back end enjoyed mixed fortunes with some good runs but 3 dismissals.

Excellent bowling from Andrew 4-19 and Sagar 2-15 for the Nottingham accountants.

With only 38 on the board The millers would need to bowl well indeed and Garton set attacking fields with wickets needed.

Bowl well they did ,with vice captain Alan Roome the star of the show with 4-16 alongside Brinners 3-3, Brad 2-7 and Westy 2-13.

Brinners is picked for his batting rather than his usual erratic bowling, but the big boy delivered when the pressure was on and only Liam and Andrew finished in positives for the accountants.

Hayles have certainly improved since they started playing in these games and make no mistake, they had Carlton on the rack as lasty took a trip back in time, his excellent display behind the stumps regained the great man some credibility!

The captain and vice captain have come to accept that it is what is with Last, Brad delivered the banter, Tim Bee another assured display in the white coat and Hayles sorted out The Pizzas, they are a cracking bunch of lads who continue to improve and with a second match hopefully to be played in August, they will be looking to square things up, by then the 80s party will have come and gone and from Carltons point of view, hopefully White and Last will be able to return to normal service !




Carlton Town began the 2015 season in rampant style with an outstanding batting display and Nottingham Labels were on the receiving end of a cracking score of 117 from Carlton in their 16 overs.

Captain Mick Garton welcomed his former centre half duo of Ray Walker and Grant Brindley into the fold and called up the evergreen Pete Bradley for the opening game and boy they delivered!

Last and White opened in thrashing style with a quick 14 a piece while Dennis Lees arrived to sing The Millers onto cricketing victory.

Garton and Roome were steady as always with no dismissals before Grant Brindley exploded with a Pieterson style 27.

Ray Walker pinched quick singles and Pete Bradley with 21 and Mark West with 20 finished the innings in Style and indeed some panache.

117 was a good score indeed and Dennis sang, oh Dennis sang!

Nottingham Labels would need a good start if they were to chase this total down but Brian and Matt were both dismissed early doors by Pete Bradley and Ray Walker and were on the rack from the off, Matt recovered  to contribute 12 but then The Millers captain stepped up to the plate.

A new season, a knackered body but cometh the hour, cometh the man. A wicket with his first ball for the slow right arm Chinaman bowler and yes you have guessed it, another wicket followed in an outstanding and historic over, the first an absolute middle stump snorter!

The captain could have had 3 had Brindley not spilled a sharp chance late on but he will take figures of 2-15 to the bank!

Liam had a tough time 3rd partnership up finishing on minus 26 and by now the game was long gone. Will with 16 and Chris last up restored some credibility but Pete Bradley 3-8 was having a good day at the office and with a score of 21, pipped the captain for the man of the match award.

Tim Bee was once again the trusted and respected figure in the white coat. Dennis the man with the trumpet, Brad the man giving it the big one, Grant the big hitter, Greg and Whitey the great starters and the dependable Roome. West and Walker and a captain with a magic touch, just ask him about a field change, bless you, bless him and bless cricket....its back at stoke lane!


WHITE HOT FOR CARLTON ! CM Allstars 11, Carlton Town 17

Ian White for many a long year delivered on the big stage for Carlton Town on the football pitch,but now I he is a fully fledged cricketer and this guy can play sport. It is a good job he can because many big guns before him failed to live up to thier reputations and CM Allstars had the  Carlton Town cricket. team on the rack, make no mistake about that!

Matt 14, John 17 and Will 9 gave Their team a chance with a positive 11 batting first at Stoke Lane.

Greg Last 2-5 and Ian White 3-10 were the stand out bowlers for Carlton Town.

Greg who had a good day at the office opened the batting with the recalled Rob but Captain Mick Garton probably felt he should have left Rob in the wilderness after he hit his own wicket , dropped a catch and generally gave the impression , his gym visits have fell by the wayside, the fact he is a nice lad and a popular member of the side may yet save him however.

John Newton also came back into the side and was a walking wicket, out twice when the pressure was on! 

Newton and Ledwich are the players most under threat and even skipper Mick Garton had a disappointing game with no wickets and out twice, maybe dodgy knees and all the midges patrolling the Terri Shepard  arena have finally caught up with the old warrior.

Greg last 12 runs and Ian White 13 were the two men who can take the most credit for this victory and for the CM Allstars Will ,2-4, Simon 2-20 ,Matt 1-10 and Chris 0-3 can all hold their heads high .

CM Allstars took it right down to the last ball but White held his nerve and hit a 2 to win the game for The Millers when his dismissal would have resulted in a defeat .

Chris Roome has had a great start to his cricketing life but tonight , he was not on the money,jono will have mixed feelings ,Alan Roome and Tim Bee will smile again and Mick Garton will pour a glass of Chenin Blanc gratefull he has a man in the team who is "White Hot". 



 Three wickets for just 10 runs, a match winning partnership of 20 with Alan Roome , a catch ,some astute field placings and a victory against a much improved Hayles side in a tight games tells you all you need to know about Carltons leader.

Mick Garton was indeed at the forefront of this excellent win but much credit must also go to others,Alan Roome and Grant Brindley batted superbly both getting double figures while football captain Martin Ball can be pleased with his debut,a steady 7 runs not out and 1-12 with the ball are respectible indeed.

Andrew 2-13 , Martin 2-20 and Richard 1-7 were the pick of the Hayles bowlers as Carlton finished on 49.

Carlton were not at their best bowling wise with a string of wides and Grant Brindley back in the side was the biggest culprit with his radar all over the building , 11 wides in 2 overs did not impress Martin Ball and he was shocked at the demise of greatness, class is permanent responded Brindley and we will see where is radar is next time.

Debutant Johno 2-18 could be pleased and Alan Roome 0-5 and Whitey 0-7 produced tidy figures but wickets win matches and a stand out 3-10 make this Mick Gartons match and if Whitey could have held onto a difficult low chance on the fence ,it could have looked even better for the veteran skipper.

Ryan, Neil and Richard were all in the positive for Hayles who made a real game of this and the accountants can be proud of a massive improvement .

Greg last smiled,Chris Roome grinned, Tim Bee supped from his well deserved bitter and John Newton and Rob Ledwitch will be wondering if they will get back into this fine side!


CARLTON TOWN 48 CM ALLSTARS -47     21st August 2014 .

Carlton scraped a team of 7 together for this latest clash with Terry and John making their debuts for The Millers.

Ian White was the big difference between these two sides, not just for his 26 runs over 2 innings but for his economical bowling and outstanding fielding.

John and Liam opened for The Millers but were both out once and when Garton and Roome entered the arena, the Millers were on minus 14.

Roome drove handsomely for two boundaries while Garton pulled and defended well against some probing bowling and the two of them put on 22 for the second partnership to get Carlton back into the positive.

Last holed out early doors next up but ended in a positive just and Chris Roome too was out before finishing on -2 . White meanwhile started slowly but was soon in his stride and he advanced The Millers to a competitive score of 48 with Simon 3-12 the pick of the C M bowlers.

Garton threw Whitey the ball and he delivered , starting like an express train and quickly shattering Liams stumps as the CM reply stuttered.

Simon deliverd one or two lusty blows but fell away at the end and finished on just 6 after promising much more and Ed on 4 was the only other positive on the scoresheet for CN Allstars.

John 3-12,Greg 3-11 and Garton 3-23 can all be delighted with their figures while vice captain Alan Roome and Liam both took Two wickets as well.

Good catches from John and Liam combined with the excellent fielding of that man Ian White gave the Carlton 7 the edge.

Umpire Tim Bees finger had not got up enough times for the CM Allstars and they were left to reflect on what could have been, The Millers cricket team remains unbeaten this season even without one or two big guns .

Perhaps one or two of them should turn out for the football team given recent results,White certainly, Garton , Roome and Last possibly and Chris Roome is young and fresh while Tim Bee could perhaps turn back the years, a figure of fun he is not ,fun though is this Millers cricket team , fun indeed! 




REPROTEC           -55


With the shattering news of Chuck Fowlers death still very much raw at Stoke Lane, it was perhaps fitting the chairman was playing a sport that Chuck used to rib him about. Banter was always plentiful with Chuck and if he wasn’t talking about his hero, Arthur Lightening, the former Forest goalkeeper who Chuck compared himself to, he was discharging his thoughts on the chairman’s cricket antics.


Antics that saw him pick up his battered body for one last charge with Reprotec needing big final dash, he posted Chris Roome out on the Terri Sheppard back fence and then fired in two right arm china men, both landed in the hands of brilliant fielder Roome and then he clean bowled Joe with one that ripped back off the seam and straightened. Another hatrick for this remarkable cricketer, who had looked to be having a bad day at the office earlier.


One person who did have a bad day at the office earlier was Greg last, it was the 1970’s version that turned up for this game, it’s not even worth listing his misdemeanors, they were much too plentiful but hence to say when Garton and Roome entered the affray, a rebuilding job was required.


Rebuild they did until Garton top edged a square cut and was out on his last ball. Disappointment indeed! Credit to the excellent Alan Roome whoever. Rob and Chris then put together an excellent partnership to get the show back on the road with Rob playing one of his best innings although his running between the wickets is somewhat Fred Carno at times.


White blasted 18 and Chris, batting twice who has now arrived in a Carlton cricket shirt helped the home side to a respectful 57.

Mike with 3-12 was the pick of the bowlers, Reprotec’s first four kept them in the game with Nick 14 and Gary 18 particularly impressive. Umpire Time Bee thought MSR would finally go down but where last had batted dreadfully, he bowled superbly on a different line taking 3-9.


Helped by Garton’s 4-9, Rob’s 2-22, Whitey’s 2-12 and Chris’s 2-12, the game was turned. He says he’s box office, I suppose he really is! Dropped Catches for Rob, Mark and Greg the only other Carlton Blots on the copy book.


It was the day Chris Roome came out as a cricketer with fine figures in all three formats, batting, bowling and fielding and fitting he was named the wisdon man of the match


The battered body of Garton dragged itself to the bar with a smile for Tim Bee knowing he had unearthed another little gem!







CARLTON TOWN              51


At 51 years old, it is fair to say the skippers best days are behind him but he can still mix it on the big stage and with a flurry of pulls and cover drives he stroked his way to 13, believe it or not, the highest individual score from both teams on a difficult pitch at Stoke Lane after he had flown in from Ibiza.


Greg and Mark had opened batting proceedings for Carlton against a team who have always given them a run for their money and Mark streaked his way to 9. Last was out once but a couple of late blows saw him and West put on 17 for the opening wicket.


Garton and Roome took the score to over 40 before Chris Roome making his debut produced a mixture of crash, bang, wallop and quack quack oops! Rob was steady with 7 and White in last holed out twice in succession to the same fielder Gag, one of them a breathtaking catch. With two maximums however White still ended in the positive with 7 as Carlton finished on 51.


Simon 2-8, Kev 2-12 and Gag 1-7 could be most pleased with their figures for Nottingham Labels. Their reply couldn’t have got off to a worse start with Rob taking a wicket in his first over, opening the bowling in place of John Newton who was unavailable for this game.


Whitey followed up with an outstanding triple wicket maiden and Labels were on the rock as Simon and Liam got off to a horrible start for the visitors.


Mark West then took 2 wickets as did the rampant captain, but it was vice captain Alan Roome who made the headlines with the ball. He was to bowl a hatrick and ended with amazing figures of 6-13.


The captain too was close to a hatrick but an edge fell just short of outstanding wicket keeper Greg, who pulled off a number of stumpings particularly when Gag was batting, he went dancing indeed!


The bowling figures for Carlton were also memorable Rob 3-7, Whitey 4-1, Westy 3-2, Garton 2-3 and even Chris got in on the act 2-13 and he took a truly memorable low one handed catch to complete a decent Millers debut.


John with 1 was the only labels player in the positive but captain Chris vowed, we will be back! Umpire Tim Bee smiled. The old twosome Garton and Roome limped to the bar, another job well done!



Carlton Town      50
MGC Hayles       -61


Fitness king Rob opened the batting with the flamboyant one following the late withdrawal of Mr Mark West.


The normally dependable Rob holed out to a superb off side catch and when the skipper was caught off Des trying to launch him, Carlton were in early trouble.


Whitey 12 and John Newton with 4 who was also out once on the launch steadied the ship before Gary and Greg having to bat twice took the score to 50.


Rob Ledwich then exploded, his new fitness regime has certainly paved the way for a bright future in the game and memorable figures of 5-6 blew Hayles away.


Newton with some erratic fielding was one of the few negatives, although Garton did miss his mandatory swirler and White dropped his first ever catch, yes it was difficult, nobody else would have took it but this is Whitey. He pulled off another super run out and with figures of 3-1 had a superb spell of bowling.


Ryan and Neil top scored for Hayles with 8 each and Bee was not so busy with the wides this time as Hayles bowled pretty well.


The Carlton bowling attack is impressive indeed however and wins matches, although the flamboyant one was once again wayward and vice captain Roome was looking most concerned, is age finally catching up with the ultimate showman?


Great bowling from Chris 1-6 for Hayles and Matt 0-3 will be pleased, but Carlton just had too much!





TESCO                 -79

Tesco were smashed in this 2nd test of the summer by a rampant Carlton Town and will take little consolation from the evening at Stoke Lane.

No player was in the positive after a horror batting display saw Tesco dismissed for minus 79.

Matt on zero with a big six and a sweet four and out once was their best batsman as they attempted to chase down 86.

The ironic thing is, Tesco took wickets this time with Captain Mick Garton caught on the drive, Rob Ledwich snapped up and going ariel were Pete Bradley and Ian White, with White out on the last ball ball of Carltons innings.

Gary was also out once but Whitey 16, Greg 14 and Westy 14 all made significant contributions to help get The Millers to 86, although they were helped by an unhealthy number of Tesco wides.

Gary and Pete Bradley had been called into the Carlton team to replace the unavailable John Newton and Jake west, they didn’t let anybody down!

Steve bowled an impressive pacey spell for the tesco boys and took 1-9 while Tom excelled with 1-7.

For The Millers, Rob Ledwich opened up with a double wicket maiden, obviously well toned after his spell on Mablethorpe beach after a private training session with The Millers Captain.

Pete Bradley and Mick Garton both taking good catches.

The Carlton bowling was of a high standard indeed, Gary 3-7, Mark 3-4, Mick 3-12 and Greg 3-16 having the stand out figures although it has to be said, Gregs first over was one of the most wayward ever seen in world cricket. Good recovery though from the flamboyant 50 year old performer.

Special mention for the ever dependable vice captain Alan Roome, Mr Steady indeed, Tescos fielding was sharper in parts with Steve again particularly impressive and indeed Carlton did put down a few chances with Gary letting a couple slip at stumps and Garton missing a swirler and Bradley somewhat limited in movement at times.

Bradleys banter is worth a catch however and umpire Tim Bee, well his arms were aching after all the wides. Tesco have had better days, Carlton role on!






Tesco were early, new faces in the pack, a professional and extensive warm up and indeed it was a much improved performance from the global giants.


The old timers however are still alive and kicking and but for a last minute moment of madness from the young Jake West on the last ball, they would have gone through a whole innings without losing a wicket.

Last at 50 finally seems to have matured, it’s taken a while , 50 years in fact, he played a controlled and sensible innings and was actually outscored by his evergreen captain.

Last and the always reliable Mark west put on a steady 16 to get the game underway before that spell binding couple Roome and Garton entered the arena.

A cautious and careful start indeed, but the sight of Malinga coming on saw Garton launch into an array of strokes including a thumping drive through mid on for four to take him to double figures.

The new fit looking Rob Ledwitch, now a proud Roko gym member had one or two communication problems with his flamboyant partner John Newton, but Tesco were guilty of missing opportunities and Newton made 21 in a stand of 32 with Ledwitch.

White put the icing on the cake with a commanding 27 in a final successful partnership with Jake West.

104 was always going to trouble Tesco with the impressive Millers attack, but it was the fielding of that man Ian White that brought the arena to its knees, two stunning run outs from a distance were Flintoff-esque .

Catches were missed by both sides in this contest on a cool early summers night ,with one or two younger members of both sides often the guilty parties.

Garton took a wicket with his second ball, no surprise there then, but it was Last and Roome whose figures impressed most with the ball.

Nathan took Tescos only wicket, but was expensive going for 24 while Matt 0-4 will have been delighted with his economy rate!

John was Tescos top scorer with 9, while the ever present and popular Tim Bee penalised 27 wides for Tesco and 9 for Carlton.

So another summer and the bandwagon rolls on with the old men at the helm and Whiteys fielding, well it was wonderments in paradise!

Grant Brindley and his young guns await, now that will be a real good test!








If one thing was certain in this game, it was that captain Mick Garton was on it!


He opted to open the batting with vice captain Alan Roome and they set the tone after being put in by Tesco.


A typically steady partnership of 18 with no dismissals set up Greg and Whitey to plunder and despite one dismissal for Greg who respects no ball or bowler, they too added good runs.


Steady as we go for Rob and Jake with one dismissal and a flamboyant 20 from the recalled Grant Brindley at the end with two maximums helped Carlton to a good score of 103.


Tom 1-13, Scott 2-26 and Steve 0-5 being the pick of the supermarket giants bowlers.


Garton was on a roll and opened the bowling too and despite going for 14 in his first over, he also took two wickets to put Tesco on the back foot.


Rob Ledwitch was a man on a mission too and he opened with a wicket.


These two players both badly wanted to win this one, albeit probably for totally different reasons!


Rob took two wickets on the bounce in his second over but the hat trick was denied him, he finished with 3-6 and Garton went on the honours board with an outstanding 5-30.


Greg 1-5, Whitey 1-1, Grant 2-9 were others among the wickets. Only extras with 9 and Kelvin with 4 were in a positive for the thrashed Tesco and they finished on a sorry minus 50.


Massive credit to their team spirit and banter however, flying before, during and even after defeat.


It was all good stuff as Tim Bee brought proceeding to a close for another season, there were plenty of smiles, a few well deserved beers for a Carlton team that had once again gone through a season unbeaten.


Tesco described the Carlton boys as resembling the cast of Cocoon but Carlton played like Olympic Champions and Tesco like the cast from the Last of the Summer Wine would probably have performed!


Maybe that’s a little harsh on the cast, certainly not on Tesco; they will no doubt come storming back in 2014 but for now they will have to go in to the festive season with the memory of Brindley and White’s flashing bats,Last’s disrespect and two ageing bowlers who ripped their heart out.


Merry Christmas!




As the crowd gathered and the warm ups were completed, the Carlton captain and now new Carlton signing Pete Bradley stayed back for a moment. A purple nose had been spotted in the Wimbledon crowd and Andy Murray was 2 sets to nil down, who behold the purple nose they asked?


It was none other than hair dryer Taggart supporting his fellow Scotsman, could the presence of the great man help turn the tide?


Garton and Bradley set off for the outfield; it was time for their own conquest to take on accountants MGC Hales.


There was certainly a mark of Alex Hayles about young Liam as he plundered a 4 and 6 opening the batting but a brilliantly held catch by captain Mick Garton off John Newton made sure any damage would not be collateral.


Phil ticked nicely along for Hayles for 6 but Matt and Craig up next completely lost the plot with their running between the wickets and wickets tumbled alarmingly for the remainder of the Hayles innings as Carlton made hay.


Two more fine catches for the captain and outstanding figures for Alan Roome were the highlight. Roome had starred at the clubs Sunday training camp with the captain suffering the brunt of a flowing Roome; a sight to behold indeed as he tones his body to the max ahead of his forthcoming marathon. 4-0 were his remarkable figures.


The other new signing Ray Walker, a growler as a footballer but a gentleman on the cricket pitch impressed also with 3-3 and some tidy wicket keeping in the absence of the flamboyant Last.


Newton 4-5, White 3-11, Rocket Rod 4-6, Bradley 3-2 and Garton 4-11 all contributed with the usual dependable Rob Ledwich 0-10 the only Miller not to take a wicket.


-202 was never going to cause too many problems and a few lusty blows from comedian Pete Bradley ensured a solid start.


White, Garton, Hood and Walker were all pegged back by dismissals but Alan Roome 10 and John Newton 14 including three successive maximums helped see Carlton home.


Newton batted and bowled well and the scout from Underwood Cricket Club watching will have left somewhat confused, following two terrible drops in the outfield from the slim one.


Hayles provided a BBQ on the sun terrace afterwards and it would not be harsh to say that on the night their cooking was better than their cricket!


Tim Bee smiled as he so often does, man of the match Alan Roome collected his prized burger and the slim one 4 veggie burgers.


What you ask of the man with the purple nose? He was standing now, clapping, chewing, cheering while the Millers were executing their job; Taggart had done his, inspiring Andy Murray to turn the Wimbledon quarter final on its head.


A 3-2 win for the Olympic champion and recognition that it was Taggart what done it!





10/06/13 CARLTON 20 REPROTEC -62


It was the most predictable event of the summer, no not the ‘Special One’ back at Chelsea, it was the return of the ‘Imploding One’ was there really any point the captain telling ‘Last’ to bat sensibly? In a word NO!

While Roome was plotting how to repair the collateral damage being inflicted on his own team by the flamboyant ‘Last’.


One man his batting partner Ian White kept his nerve to steady the wayward ship, he had made the headlines earlier in the game with a wonderful catch that will go down in Carlton Folklore.


Chasing a minus batting target after a fantastic Millers bowling display, Greg Last was out three times perishing with hits on to the bypass and being caught twice giving it the big heave ho when none was required.


There really is no middle ground with this man, when he’s good, he is very good but when he’s bad, he’s bad indeed.


Reprotec were put on the back foot immediately with the Returning John Newton, Ian White and Rob Ledwich opening the bowl with accurate radars, Ledwich in particular was hostile.


Captain Mick Garton then bowled an incredible spell of (4-7) in his 2 overs to bring the stadium to its knees.


Well not quite but Rodericks grandad was pleased! Even more so when his grandson exploded on to the square with a passionate display of fielding and bowling to be proud of, just a shame Rod missed a low caught and bowled that really would have made the proud grandfathers day.


‘Last’ despite his batting disaster was outstanding behind the stumps and his (3-7) speaks volumes for his much improved bowling. Only Julian, Dev and Dave were in the positive for Reprotec with the even the usually impressive Nick C scoring a minus 4.


The excellent bowling apart, it was the ‘White’ catch that took the eye as he flung himself to his left to take a superb two handed catch.


With minus 62 on the board, Reprotec would have to bowl well and in fairness they did, but despite ‘Lasts’ Kamikaze show, it was business as usual for Carlton.


Garton, Roome, Ledwich and Hood all batted professionally in the middle order with no dismissals and new boy the impressive Tom Tyler and the returning John Newton finished the job off although Newton did sky a long hop to deep mid on.


Apart from Whites catch, there was another champagne moment when Reprotec tried to take two to Alan Roome at mid off.


Roome swooped in like an eagle on valium and the alderman Captain Mick Garton whipped off the bails to inflict a run out, they may be slow but they ain’t that slow, Tim Bee smiled as he often does!


Nick C (1-1) was the pick of the Reprotec Bowlers and Mike (1-5) was tidy but they lost far too many wickets in their own innings and with Carlton generally batting sensibly, victory was confortable in the end and while Tim Bee was collecting the balls, the boys discussed ‘Last’


There was little more to say about a loved but misguided individual who entertains and perishes in equal measure but what would we do without him?


Carton next play Nottingham labels on Sunday 30th June at 10am as part of the Chairmans 50th party Celebrations, it is set to be the first ever Test Match inside the Terri Shepard Arena.


Roome for one, may be leaving one or two! 



The massive Carlton Town praise goes to the Darts boys whose 12 hour darts marathon once again brought in over £1000 for the club, but they were assisted on their merry way by the Carlton Town cricket team who held their own mini tournament and there were a few surprises.

Now who would you have bet on for the most scoring shots? It was the skipper who scored runs from 12 of his 30 deliveries smashing 3 fours but being caught out once in a unique power play of an innings littered with hooks, pulls and sizzling drives. 

His 29 was only reduced to 9 because apart from being caught by the otherwise hopeless but loveable fielder Tom Nightingdale, he hit his own wicket launching at a ball from Mark West,

Nightingdale had dropped 3 catches off the captains bowling so the pain was harder for his mentor to take.

Greg on 10 finished one ahead of Mick with his usual mixture of panash and suicide but his performance will be best remembered for the high and volatile full toss he bowled at Roome, which was deemed legal by umpire Bee and prevented Roome from hitting the winning run, the nasty b has lost none of his competitive menace. 

New boy Tom Tyler had already set the bench with his 14, he appears to be a" last" throwback a mixture of launch and die if you dare. He was dropped repeatably but deserved his 14 for bravado alone and with figures of 2-23 impressed throughout.

He and Roome who hit a six ,yes a six!, shared the winning honours. Mark West looked favourite to win needing just a boundry off the last over but the usually calm and calculated one, had a rush of blood and holed out onto the bypass to give Last his 2nd wicket of the night and send Roome and Tyler into ectasy. Umpire Tim Bee smiled and well maybe not quite ectasty, yet a good night was had by all, it was good practice for the Millers, ahead of their next competitive game and good support for the main event on the ocky and an excellent start to a big fund raising weekend for Carlton Town. Massive credit to the darts guys- they were the real heroes!


13th MAY 2013




With hail stones pounding their bald heads, Carlton Town veterans Mick Garton and Rob Ledtwich looked to the clouds, Garton had gone for 14 in his first over, Ian White 11 and with the pounded Captain putting down tso early chances and new boy Tom also failing to hold one, it did not look good for the old warriors.


Mike and Nick put on 47 for the first wicket without dismissal and Reprotec were up and running. It really was a case of cometh the hour, cometh the man as Garton turned to explosive veteran Greg Last.


Tom in his mid 20’s had certainly brought some youth to the side but after a nervy start he found his radar and took Carlton’s first wicket but nobody could have foreseen what was to follow as Last exploded on to the scene with a fiery spell of pace bowling and taking a sensational hat trick maiden to turn the game on its head.


Only one man had ever achieved similar heights of history, that being Carlton Captain Mick Garton who Greg joins on the honours board.


While Carlton had been slow out of the blocks, they were up and running now thanks to that man ‘Last’.


Vice Captain Alan Roome got in on the act as did Ian White with 2 wickets a piece, young Tom too finished with 2 and Mark West got the other.


Last finished with outstanding figures of 5-4; surely the best of his long and erratic career.


Reprotec were left kicking themselves after such a good start with a score of -35, Carlton just had to see out the 15 overs.


Last opened and showed the other side of his flamboyant character dancing down the wicket and having a huge heave ho; he missed it, he was bowled!


No real damage however as White stroked a nice 15.


The occasion was made for serial blockers (bit harsh) Mick and Alan to hold fort and that they did with a tidy partnership of 10 with Alan forcing home the only boundary against some excellent bowling from Nick and Mike.


Rob and Mark provided similar resistance before Tom got his chance to take to the willow looking accomplished and unfazed and more importantly unbeaten as Carlton started the campaign with a win.


Two fine catches behind the stumps and five wickets tells its own story as Greg Last began the 2013 season with one big bang, his two kids looked on proud indeed of an historic spell of bowling that will go down in folklore.


Ever present umpire Tim Bee was back in familiar territory as the man in the white coat and had fewer wide decisions to give as both teams kept a generally tidy line.


The bald heads were no longer getting pounded, the rainbow had long since passed and the limping and shuffling warriors retired for that well deserved pint in the comfort of the clubhouse sports bar.


Reprotec will be back on June 10th, tickets are available at the box office.



Carlton Town cricket vice captain Alan Roome must take much of the credit for this thrilling win.

He batted well, bowled well and gave excellent and trusty advice to skipper Mick Garton who despite the series win had a night to forget.

Hit in the go-nads, out 3 times, once to a brilliant catch by Cool Chris and then he had two catches dropped of his own more impressive spell of bowling, then again, It cant always be about the skipper can it?

Last was superb behind the stumps and also battled well for the Millers and his partnership with the much improved Rodney got Carlton off to the perfect start, throw in figures of 3-8 and he probably pipped Rod 3-6 to man of the match due to his superb display behind the stumps.

The West brothers, Mark and Jake making his debut for the injured White had a steady midterm partnership and despite a moment of madness when the usually reliable Rob ran our partner John, Carlton had posted a steady 29 and under the floodlights it would be a challenge indeed for the Label boys!

Ryan 1-8, Rob 1-8 did well while James 2-3 was the pick of the label bowlers and Ian 0-2 could be proud also.

Paul and Ian started in the negetive, Ryan launched some lusty blows with a top score of 18 but Partner James had not read the script and was left on -16.

Nigel danced, but Rob with -16 also including a silly run out  were in the negetive.

John Newton was held back to  bowl to the Forest "Special one" and despite going for one big six, Newton had the last laugh clean bowling Jemson with his final ball, an absolute corker, Newton finished with 2-13.

Wickets fell all around and despite hitting many more big shots than Carlton, Nottingham Labels had lost too many wickets, 12 to Carlton's 4.

The win was sweet for Garton who took some stick from Jemson when the pair met up at Forest recently and who would of got more , had Carlton loss the series, as it is, maybe Garton will take the matchball along for Jemson to sign.

Alan Roome was a happy man too, he took a fair bit of hostile banter with the series previously tied at 1-1.

He will have gone to bed with a wry smile on his face.

Tim Bee remained an ever present umpire and remained cool under whatever barrage came his way, years of refereing one guess helped! A special mention for mr evergreen Mark West,his catching and fielding has been superb all season.

The bodies of the old and elderly can now be dusted down for another 6 months or so and Christmas can be looked forward to with Carlton number 1 in the world rankings of 16 over cricket!

Bless you!



This was a top draw display,let's make no mistake about that! Carlton responded in grandstand style to their last outing which ended in defeat and there was certainly no elephant in the room, unlike the England Test side who have their own issues this week.

Roderick improved no end, Whitey was back to his best having been dropped down the order, Greg had possibly his best game of the season taking many catches, 2-3 with his bowling and batting in the positive in a controlled innings (God that must have been hard) but the reason this story made front page headlines was the ground breaking performance of the captain.

Talk about removing obstacles, this Captain could have conquered Everest on the night, such was his magical form that made him look decades younger than his portly 49.

Opening the Bowling, he took 2-6 and then in the most memorable over in Carlton Town cricketing history, he bowled a four wicket maiden!

Some feat indeed and this spring chicken of a man has had his best ever season leading the millers.

But enough about the skipper "there is no 'I' in team" as he tells us at his press conferences.

Alan Roome 2-9, Rod 1-7, Westy 1-6, Rob 2-11and John 1-5, all took wickets.

Whitey was top scorer with 18 while previous hero Newton was on -17, not his night then, a mention for Tim Bee, he had a good game again!

Reprotecs best player was Mike who scored 12 and took 1-2, Nathan 2-3 was also on the money with the ball but was off the pace with the bat -30.

Ant -36 , Julian -18 and Nick C -18 have had better days at the office and this was a comprehensive win for the Millers who will now be looking to take that into their next game against Nottingham Labels and that man Nigel Jemson, for Kevin Peterson, Read Jemson, a confident man indeed and a man talking the talk before the series decider on September 10th we await with anticipation.

Carlton Town 7 Nottingham Labels 12 Monday 16th July 2012







Carlton Town Cricket Club’s long unbeaten run finally came to an end at the hands of Nottingham Labels at a rain soaked Stoke Lane.


Whitey and Coz opening the batting got Carlton off to a disappointing start, both out twice before Captain and Vice Captain once again steadied the ship and got Carlton back into a positive with a partnership of 17.


But that good work was soon undone with young Roderick out four times as Nottingham Labels turned the screw and it was left to Greg Last, top scorer with 15 and Mark West to give Carlton’s score some respectability with an excellent last wicket stand.


Warwick 3-10 and Nigel Jemson 3-13 were the pick of the Label bowlers and the mightily competitive Jemson introduced the first sledging into the Terri Sheppard Arena constantly chipping away behind the stumps, a character indeed!


Despite their low score, Carlton knew their bowlers would also pose a threat and when Coz took a wicket with his second ball, the pressure was back on the Nottingham Labels.


The bowling generally was tidy and tight but one of a number of difficult dropped chances would have made a difference for the Millers.


Skipper Mick Garton saw a sharp chance missed off the first ball of his second over and then sent down one or two erratic offerings before Greg Last who bowled superbly got smashed for six as the balance swung back in favour of Nottingham Labels but when Mark West took Nigel Jemson’s wicket clean bowling the former prolific Nottingham Forest striker in the penultimate over, it was game on.


Garton brought the field in and Warwick and Jemson failed to carry out the usual traditional switch at the end of the over despite Jemson taking all the previous over’s strike, it was a tactic that worked as Jemson batted out Ian White’s final over and despite not conceding a run, White will take little consolation with fine figures of 0-0.


Jemson smiled, Nottingham Labels cheered and Carlton took the defeat on the chin. The series now stands at 1-1 and the teams will play a decider at the back end of the summer.


Carlton will be hoping for the return of John Newton and Nottingham Labels will be hoping Jemson can push them over the line again despite scoring minus 6, he had done his job.


Credit to Ryan for a useful 15 and James with 8, their partnership proved a crucial one and well done again to impressive umpire Tim Bee.


‘Defeat will do you good.’ Said Jemson, he may be right but ‘Not too often’ replied the Carlton skipper ‘Not too often!’



An outstanding last over hatrick from Carlton Town's John Newton preserved their unbeaten record but boy this was a close one and a thriller indeed ! 

Reprotec are now a force to be reckoned with and this was to be no easy match for the unbeaten millers.

Greg and Whitey's opening partnership has often been the bedrock for this side but has come under increasing pressure in recent times and it would be of no surprise if a change were made at the top of the order going forward after a minus start.

Captain Mick Garton and vice captain Alan Roome steadied the ship once more but neither are likely to provide a bounty of boundries, being stroke players rather than power houses but no matter what, Carlton were back in the positive.

Coz recalled to the side follwoing an injury to Rob and the reliable Westy sparkled brifely but both conceded their wickets before some power hitting from John and a useful ten from roderick looked to have given Carlton some hope, but then John came extravergantly dancing down the wicket ballet style and saw his stumps disturbed by a joyous wicketkeeper.

Carlton had been restricted to 22 with outstanding figures all round for Reprotec.

Booty 2-1 and Ant 3-17 being the pick but all 8 could be pleased with their contribution.

Westy, Coz and Rod started well for Carlton with some tight bowling but it was captain Garton who exploded onto the scene with two wickets in his first over to turn the screw back onto Reprotec.

Booty is a quality act however and he led the charge to put Reprotec back on the front foot scoring 23.

Dave and Nathan ended in a positive too with Dave the star of that show before Gary and Ant came in to finish the job off.

Ant started well with two boundries, while Gary was in flowing form hitting 16 and Reprotec went into the last over 10 in front and with the game seemingly in the bag, but Garton had held back his best bowler and Cometh the hour, Cometh the man as Newton became only the 2nd player to take a hatrick in the Terri Sheppeard Arena.

No prizes for guessing who the other one was! It was an awesome display of pace bowling at it's very best, three times in succession Ant was bowled and the match was turned on it's head by a man called Newton, Nephew of famous football "Henry Newton".

John Newton fancies himself as a footballer, but Whitey and Mick Garton seem reluctant to recommend him to Les Mcjannet, but recommending him to Mick Newell they may well be, after this display.

Special mention for the excellent Greg Last behind the stumps, Alan Roome who was consulted more as vice captain than for any game so far given the tight nature of this enthralling contest but other than Newton's hatrick, the other special moment was a truly amazing running catch by the evergreen Ian White, without that one feels the game would have already gone!

Everpresent umpire Tim Bee certainly had his work cut out keeping tabs on this fast moving thriller and his pint of John Smiths in the sportsbar afterwards was well deserved!

Reprotec gathered on the sun drenched patio to work out how they had lost this game.

Carlton Town just saluted the one called Newton, John Newton, a hero indeed!



Despite what looks like a thumping win, this was alot closer than the scores suggest and it was once again two of Carlton elderman who turned the screw.

Carlton won the toss and once again batted first, last blazed two fours and a big six but was out twice in making a score of 0.

Entertainment as always the name of the game for the belovable 70's throwback.

White was back to his best with a thumping 18 while Garton and Roome both perished once and contributed only one each, Garton brilliantly caught pulling by a man who's name slips me by.

Lewis batted irresposibly in making minus nine but John with twelve held up that partnership and Rob and Westy easted Carlton to 45.

Nathan 2-22 and Julian 2-21 were the pick of the Reprotec bowlers.

A powerful 19 for Dave looked to have got Reprotec back in with a shout as they reached the half way stage in the positive and with the normally prolific Nick on his way in, Carlton sensed danger but a brilliant spell of bowling from Rob and Mark West calmed the nerves and then Nick chased the dream and ended up on -36 with 5 dismissals in total, not his best day at the office!

Mick B was in need of a runner and confusion reigned all round with a "last" collision, some brilliant and comedy moments from the elderman Roome and a confused umpire Bee who seemed unclear on the rules with regard to a runner, maybe it was the heat, maybe umpire Bee was having an extravagent Billy Bowden moment, either way it brought smiles and that is the essence of these games in fairness and Bee is very much a comedy part of that.

The consistency of the bowling was once again key for Carlton.

Newton 1-0, Garton 2-15, West 2-8, Whitey 2-16, Rob 2-7, Lewis 2-15 and Greg 3-14.

Only Roome failed to take a wicket but his brilliant catch at the end made up for that.

It was a statement from an elderman no less, a bold statement indeed !




19/05/12 CARLTON TOWN  96 TESCO – 49


He might as well have shouted fire up the Quattro! Because Greg Last took us back into the 70’s with an erratic comedy cameo of a batting display that wins admirers but does little for the scorecard or the skipper’s blood pressure! Luckily for Last, the return of his demons did not do too much damage as the skipper with figures of 3-5 including a double wicket maiden helped the Millers maintain their unbeaten run.


First of all he came dancing, down the wicket that is and completely missed the slow inviting red ball that smashed against his stumps. Two powerful 4’s followed, smashed in’Last’ style against the boundry fence before he went high, mighty and handsome straight into the hands of a fielder. Last was not finished however, he went ariel again and once again perished to a delighted Tesco fielder.


White at the other end meanwhile was a tad more controlled hitting 3 maximums in an innings of 27. A steady partnership of 23 between Mick and Rob kept the ship sailing before a powerfull display of hitting from Lewis(21) and John Newton (16) gave Carlton Momentum.

Debutant Brian Hickling and Roderick also kept clean sheets wicket wise and Carlton finished with an excellent 96 from their 16 overs. Special mention for John P 2-19 Matt 1-13 and Lee 0-4

Tesco’s reply did not start well with Last beginning his journey back to redemption with a fine catch in the skippers first over. The 70’s throwback then stormed back with a hostile spell of pace bowling, taking an excellent 2-8 and a fine wicket keeping performance which helped his side stay on top.


There were some special moments...


Brian Hickling’s superb caught and bowled made up for one or two wayward offerings and there was controversy when White’s brilliant run out was denied by umpire Tim Bee as the ball had already hit the fence for overthrows. “You’ve not called that before” said white. “two wrongs don’t make a right” said the beaming Bee. Muralitharan brought us another classic Bee moment “How is he?” appealed Garton and Last “He didn’t touch it” said Bee “but he clattered the stumps” said last. Tim Bee smiled, Muralitharan departed.


Tesco were now on the rack and they couldn’t get Whitey 0-1, Rob 1-0 and John 0-3 away. Rob bowled a particular good spell as did young Roderick 1-7. Lewis chipped in with a wicket 1-6 and Brian Hickling somehow took 2-12. Best bowling figures however went to Carlton Chairman and Cricket Captain Mick Garton 3-5 including a double wicket maiden, both bowled middle stump.


Calvin with a measured but lusty innings was the star batsman for Tesco with 15 but a minus score of 49 was the unfortunate end game for the Tesco boys. So Carlton despite the wayward offerings of the loveable Last, roll on and this without West and Vice Captain Roome but it’s all about the Squad. There is no I in team Millers Manager Les McJannet tells us, true words indeed and the unbeaten run remains intact as the Millers cricketers look forward to the summer.







When the two renowned stroke players Mick Garton and Alan Roome take centre stage, the job is often very much done by the whirlwind that is Ian White and Greg Last.


Their power combined with the artistry of Mr and Mr Stroke Play brings joy to many and pain to the opposition but it was a very different challenge for the gifted ones as they stepped up to the plate after a rare and indeed unheard of failure for the clubs best player Ian White and an average contribution from the powerful last.


Garton and Roome concentrated to the max and dragged Carlton back into the game, sometimes watchful, often safe but when the stroke comes, it comes with panache.


This was probably the finest bowling attach Carlton have faced, movement, pace and accuracy and there was a massive contribution from new signing, the refreshingly young looking Lewis Hampshire, he clobbered 23. Roderick Hood did well on his debut too with the advantage of being a left hander but a special mention for bowlers Warwick 2-10, Ryan 0-4 and Ricky 1-10. Excellent figures indeed and Carlton took to the field knowing only the best would do.


There was a wry smile from every present umpire Tim Bee who for once thought that maybe Carlton’s crown was about to slip but Garton was in full flow captaincy mode, ably assisted by long term lieutenant Roome and White was to hit back as only White can with a cracking display of bowling, fielding and catching.


Last opened the bowling well in the absence of Newton and Roderick and Rob was outstanding with figures of 3-1 as the Nottingham Label Company were put on the back foot.


There was an outstanding partnership between James and Ryan which gave the Label Company hope , but every member of the Carlton side fielded with gusto and in the end the victory margin looked bigger than it probably really was.


Massive credit to the Nottingham Label Company who made an inspired start and will be a threat to Carlton Town going forward, make no mistake about it!


Tim Bee smiled, the captain played his doubles pool match and won and Alan Roome chuckled the chuckle of a veteran who had a good day at the office, a good day indeed but bigger battles lie ahead as Taggart on the sports bar 42” screens will no doubt have testified had we had the privilege of the Scotsman’s thoughts, then again, they can’t play cricket can they?

Carlton Town 51 Reprotec -63

Monday 16th April 2012 


There was a clear nip in that wonderful Stoke Bardolph air as the cricketing gods descended on Stoke Lane once more to play out a new season in the Terri Sheppard Arena.


The familiar figure of Tim Bee stood aloft proudly striding out the 22 yards to enable another chapter to be written in the remarkable story of Carlton Town Cricket Club who for two long summers have remained unbeaten.


Reprotec, their old sparring partners from just up the Colwick Loop Road had arrived early and looked prime to blow that record out of the water but a triumphant Mick Garton was once again to lead his troops to victory in a comprehensive display with a few cobwebs that were flung to the skies as an evening of cricketing nostalgia unfolded.


Garton for once won the toss and he elected to bat and opened with his trusty opening pair Last and White Hot.


White Hot indeed as the pair clocked up a decent opening stand with no dismissals. White 20 and Last 17 were followed as usual by Garton and Roome, the highlight in that partnership a majestic hook followed by a thumping cover drive by Garton.


The first wicket fell as the watchful Roome drove straight to square gulley but the opening four had created a good platform.


Debutant Lewis Hampshire played some lusty strokes combined with some reckless ones, the exuberance of youth one feels!


He finished on minus 14 with Rob tickling a few singles for a steady 5. Mark West made the point he had never been out and then proceeded to be 1st ball.


John Newton like Lewis earlier was a mix of power-play and bluster with two big sixes but two dismissals. Carlton concluded on 51 with impressive bowling figures of 2-10 Nick D and 2-12 Nathan.


John Newton opened the bowling for Carlton and pegged back Ant’s stumps with a violent cutter to put Reprotec on the back foot and despite a rally by Nick D and Dave, the Colwick boys were facing an uphill struggle.


Greg Last was turning back the years first with the bat and then with the ball taking 2-2 in a devastating and strangely accurate spell. With three catches behind the stumps too, he claimed the man of the match award but it was Mark West who bowled the match clinching over when two excellent catches, the first by Garton and the second by White put an end to any Reprotec hopes.


Best catch of the night went to Lewis Hampshire but Whitey ran him close. Garton pegged back the stumps and then failed to hold a sharp caught and bowled and Rob took another excellent one handed catch after being moved to short mid wicket the previous ball by his astute skipper.


West finished with fantastic figures of 3-6, Newton 2-5 and Rob 2-8 as Reprotec fell further away and finished on -63.


Time to retire to the bar and report on proceedings to tournament chief Mark Steggles who was running the bar but with trouble seeing the buttons on the till, his beloved Arsenal going down to Wigan and a dodgy knee he was not in the most jovial of moods and stories of heroes, villains and match winners was wasted on him. The pints were drunk, the next challenge awaits and a final special mention for both wicket keepers who combined took a record number of catches it was confirmed on the night, no wonder Garton put in a slip, if only briefly!



The wind whistled, the autumn dark had set in as Carlton captain Mick Garton came steaming in for the final ball of the season, such was his entusiasm, he went a tumbling and what was suppose to be the last ball, turned out to be a wide, no worries, the stone had been set, the deed had been done and the unbeaten record had been maintained for the second year in a row.

With ever ageing legs, one suspects this wonderful run will come to it's natural conclusion, probably next spring or early next summer but while it lasts, these old timers deserve a merry christmas indeed!

Garton made the first good move of the night by letting vice captain Alan Roome take the toss and Carlton finally won one.

They decided to bat and the naturally agressive White (16) with one dismissal and Last who was some what subdued scored 8, no swash buckling tonight and only one boundary but no dismissal for the flamboyant one.

Flamboyant is not a word that can be used to describe Garton and Roome but with nice pulls and cuts, Garton scored a tidy ten while Roome scratched about without bothering to trouble the scorers but no dismissals was the key for the back together Brearley and Boycott combination.

Rob and John Newton upped the tempo with Newton crashing three maxiums and Rob three boundries and only the silly run out of Rob caused by a suicidal call from Newton blotted the copy book.

Debutant Chris Chappo struggled to make connection at the end but some how held on to his wicket and a score of 91 was always going to put pressure on the super market giants.

Two maidens from Newton and White with a perfect response as Tesco began their reply before the Carlton Captain stepped up to the plate.

3 wickets in 6 balls didn't as much turn the game, it thundered it onto a different planet and despite dropping two skyers in the next over from the unlucky but Excellent Roome, Garton had made his place in folk law.

Not to be outdone there was a maiden for Greg who once again impressed behind the stumps and a second ever hatrick at the ground for Rob. No guessing who got the first but a trip through the archives will tell that story!

Sharky hit one towering 6 for Tesco and both Lee's put in tidy spells for them. Garton with 4-17 from 3 overs and Rob with 4-2 were the pick of the Carlton bowlers but John Newton despite the crazy run out with figures of 1 for nought and the top score of 20 was man of the match. A special mention for the grinning Chris Chappo with 2 for twenty which wasn't at all bad for the colourful one and he can walk away with his head held high.

Umpire Tim Bee tucked away his smile, his arm signals and his note pad for another year and Rob, Last, Garton and Roome all tucked away their knees and battered bodies and we have to say as neutral observers, Garton and Roome's decision  not to run any singles was a wise one, Greg is still sprightly and Whitey will run all day, he can still play for many years. As for the others, well Tesco and Reprotec will come back stronger and one will expect to see the excellent "real ale lover" Tim Bee in 2012 and one feels that Garton, Roome and West who was away for this contest still have a little more to give, we will see!

Merry Christmas everyone and love thy neighbour baby!


It was a warm autumn evening and Ian White's bat came clattering down towards the boundary edge which was his Matt Prior moment but luckily there was not a window or a spectator insight and no press pack either althought umpire Tim Bee did wave an angry finger.

It had not been the greatest day for the white hot one at the crease. Three boundries and then dismissed with the final ball. The big hitting Last had also been removed with little in reply, it was a good start for Nick and Mike as Reprotec hit the ground running, Captain Mick Garton appeared  and squared cut his first ball to the fence, that is about as good as it got for the skipper, out twice and he had partner John newton to thank for a useful seven.

Alan 'Geoff boycott" Roome  also faired badly out twice while Pep nurdled his way to six.

There was a clattering of fours from Mark West at the end but he too had conceded his wicket along with Coz and a score of minus 2 meant Carlton were on the rack.

Outstanding figures of 2-10 Charlie, 2-6 Mike B, 1-2 Nick C being the pick of an allround excellent bowling display from a rampant Reprotec.

Carlton however do not know when they are beaten and John Newton came steaming in with the new ball conceding just four runs in 2 super overs.

The 2 Nicks had come up against Carlton's best bowlers and they returned with the scores neutral.

A tidy over followed from Pep with a wicket before Garton bowled a maiden and then 2 wickets for Roome put Reprotec on the back foot and then a pivotal moment in the captain's second over and it was Ian White who provided it with his Freddie Flintoff ashes moment, throwing down the stumps in thrilling fashion from a far distance and when Garton picked up a wicket with his next ball thanks to the wonderful reflexes of Last, it was going only one way for Reprotec.

Last continued to provided inspiration behind the stumps,stumpings and catches a plenty as Reprotec fell apart. Some late blows from the talented Mick were too little too late as he and Charlie put on a decent last stand but Tim Bee's finger had been raised too many times.

Reprotec captain Nathan thought they had been a touch unlucky with a couple of decisions and he may have been right with one of them but with no tv replays available for this particular series, one could only except the envitable Carlton Town win.

Reprotec will take heart from this outing however, it was an inspired performance and one which bodes well for the future.

After all the two big Italians couldn't win a game at one time, but they just changed sides, seems a smart move but one which Nathan won't be following.

His loyalty to Reprotec runs deep through his veins and he'll be hoping they can turn this positive into a victory next time round as 4 of the Warriors notch a year closer to the big 50.



With Pep's team pulling out of the game v Carlton with only hours to play, the two old warriors Mick Garton and Alan Roome took centre stage to compete against each other and the fact that both scores were in the positive said much about their leadership as anything else that unfolded in this gripping contest in the late september heat at Stoke Lane.

When Roome won the toss, it was no surprise that he picked the impressive Ian White and with Garton getting the next two picks,it was equally as predictable that he would go for Mark West and John Newton.

Garton's team included a big Italian and debutee and while Roome had pistol Pete and a big South African (tall rather than large like the big Italian) and Mick Jack who would prove to be a surprise package in more ways than one.

Whitey and Dave opened the batting for Roome and made a steady start, the odd huge hit from White combined with some good dot balls from the pacy and slick Newton.

The first wicket fell to Mark West with Garton taking the spinning ball as it came down, he was unable to take a higher second chance and there were also drops from West himself and 2 by Nico who was moved to behind the stumps by Garton after his 2nd drop where he cut a much classier figure having the batsman on their tows.

Roome's boys were steady throughout against some tidy bwoling and the captain himself was gutted to be out to the last ball of his innings. mick Jack clubbed 3 excellent boundries to ensure a decent score of 40 for Roome's boys, his bowling was to be a different story.

The priority for the experienced Garton was not to concede wickets and the two young guns Matt and Nico went to the wicket with his instructions blazing in their ears and then they delivered and put on a match winning partnership of 27 with controlled stroke play and stout defence against the good balls. Garton along with Newton then followed his own script and a noncherlent cover drive for four took him to double figures, he and the equally impressive Newton had put on 20, giving only 2 sharp chances into the bargain which were spilled by the unjury ravaged Rob who Roome described as being "half the player he normally is." Rob was clearly struggling and bowled underarm but still only conceded 8 runs.

Whitey was excellent not conceding a single run and Mick Jack had fine figures of 1-2 but that didn;t tell the full story, he bowled a succession of wides and sprayed the ball all over the arena much to the annoyance of his on the rack captain and even a spell of underarm was blissfully inaccurate.

Coz and Mark West then pulled the hatches down for the final 2 overs treating ever ball with a defensive prod with sometimes highly exagerated postures and it was only with the game won, that the big Italian when dancing down the wicket and tried to hit Jack out of the park that he was stumped,but it was too little too late but the battle of the old warriors proved one thing, they both know how to play this game but on the day Garton's boys played it just that little bit better, the contest ad the banter afterwards brought a rye smile to the face of umpire Tim Bee who sipped from his pint of real ale as the inquest and celebrations followed, the two captains will now rejoin forces and try to make it an unbeaten summer when they place rematches against Reprotec 10th Oct and Tesco on the 24th.


Reprotec ensured Carlton put in there first negative score battling performance since the cricket began at Stoke Lane but it wasn't enough to secure victory.An honours board is set to be elected for bowlers taing 5 wickets in an innings following the chairmans 5-11 in a pulsating spell at the crest of the game.

Reprotecs downfall was much to do with their pursuit of the big shot and plenty of dancing down the wicket and a world class display behind the stumps from the outstanding Greg Last.There were 20 dismisalls for Carlton and a fair number were down to last.

On top of Garton's 5, Alan Roome also turned back the years with wonderful figures of 4-4 while the even older Mark West got 2-8 and peter filling in for Whitey in the first part of the contest took 3-8. White was later to deliver with the bat top scoring with a majestic 25.

John Newton bowled with pace and aggression in taking 2-2, it's a shame the same could not be said for his for his batting which was shambolic to say the least. The pin up boy was out four times in a reckless display of Lasty style power hitting and the old legend himself succumbed twice ,once for dancing and once for skying.

An underarm bowler called Ant proved tricky in the lights for Roome and a grub hunter style spell cost the old warrior his wicket although it must be noted that he and Garton once again in general held steadfast refusing to lay down their wickets in what was a wicket fest of a night. The only positive for Reprotec in the batting was Nick C who showed competance, surrounded by adversity.

Mick B with 3-7 and Charles with 3-9 were the pick of the Reprotec bowlers and a special mention once again for the unflapabble umpire Tim Bee who continues to excel, even under floodlites.

"Bring on the honours board" was the cry as the weary departed. The Chairman sipped his bear and looked up in pride, it had been a good weekend all round for Carlton Town.

Carlton Town 47 McGregor

August 24th 2011


A man of the match performance from Mark ‘Richie Richardson’ Clarke was enough to maintain Carlton’s unbeaten run and make it seven wins out of seven for Mick Garton’s side.


There was no Lampard Melinga this time round to trouble the rampant West Indian and he starred with both bat and ball in this excellent contest.


The recalled Danny Marshall opened up the batting with new signing Dominic Willis and they got Carlton off to a steady start putting on 19 for the opening wicket with Danny out the once.


The steady partnership of Garton and Roome got off to the worst possible start when Garton was stumped but a crisp and delightful cover drive from Roome pulled them back into the positive and that’s where they stayed.


The extravagant and flamboyant Clarke then launched a late assault scoring five boundaries and a six in a score of 25 (out just once) with Carlton’s other new signing Gary Roome at the other end playing steadily although a needless run out blotted the copy book.


A score of 47 may have looked tame but opposition sides struggle against Carlton’s excellent bowling attack and a team is yet to register a positive score against the Millers bowlers.


McGregors had bowled well themselves however and were a far better match for the Carlton batsman than Tesco had been the week before.


Jason W with 2-6 and Jason S 2-9 being the pick and Connor conceding just three runs from his two excellent overs.


For Carlton Dominic started with a maiden and a veteran with a knack of taking wickets struck with his first bowl. Yes, you can’t keep the Carlton captain out of the game and it was his batting partner and close friend Alan Roome who picked up the catch.


Carlton’s fielding was excellent throughout with Marshall, Clarke and Dominic Willis prominent at key periods with run outs, catches and excellent stops.


Carlton’s overseas player followed up his 25 with stunning figures of 3 for 2 under the floodlights at the theatre of cricketing dreams while Willis returned figures of 2-2.


There were two wickets a piece for the captain and the impressive Gary as McGregor’s fell away and although Danny Marshall failed to take a wicket he conceded just two runs in a penetrating spell.


The ever present captain and influential Roome continue to defy the critics and doubters who said they should not take up 16 over cricket.


These guys are winners and entertainers and the theatre of cricket would be a lot duller without them.


We are sure umpire Tim Bee would drink to that being the only other ever present, an umpire whose reputation continues to grow. They continue!



Tesco won the toss and put Carlton into bat in this six a side sixteen over contest and Carlton Town’s Ian White got them off to a stormer, hitting five sixes and four fours in a powerful fifty, while partner Greg Last smashed four fours but was out once and finished up with a score of twelve.


The more cultured stroke players then entered the affray, no dancing down the wicket for Garton and Roome, but a nice mix of ones and twos and the one boundary for Garton, he made fifteen and Roome twelve without either of them conceding their wickets and with extras their partnership was into the forties.


Enter Mark ‘Richie Richardson’ Clarke who launched into attack mode against the Tesco bowlers. It was a tactic that entertained but also had its drawbacks and despite hitting four sixes and three fours, the great man also perished three times and had trouble getting away Lampard Mellinga who was unlucky not to bowl the West Indian legend.


Clarke finished with ten and Rob, who is normally so reliable finished with -10 after two dismissals. A total score of 127 however from the sixteen overs was always going to trouble Tesco. Scott with 2-16 and Lee 2-13 were the pick of the Tesco bowlers.

Tesco needed to start with a bang but were soon in trouble when Carlton captain Garton took two wickets in his first over courtesy of good catches by Clarke and White.


The tight and impressive Roome took a wicket, Clarke bowled a maiden and then White two more wickets to leave Tesco in real trouble.


Things went from bad to worse for Tesco with Last taking three wickets in four balls and Rob returning outstanding figures of 4-3.


When Garton came back in to the mix, he let go a couple of short ones, one was so short he was no balled by a firm Tim Bee. Tesco came dancing and Greg came stumping and the supermarket giants were in dire trouble.


Only Calvin ‘Jacques Kallis’, Tesco’s overseas player and Steve were in the positive for Tesco but they will no doubt learn and improve for the next test and Carlton will expect a closer contest.


All retired to the clubhouse sports bar where popular umpire Tim Bee announced Ian White as man of the match. It was a good all round performance from Carlton but with fifty runs and three wickets for just nine runs, Whitey’s was the main contribution.


Garton looked in trouble with his knees after rising following an amber nectar and one feels Cafe Mambo beckons once more for a player clearly nearing the end of his illustrious career.



Cozimo Devivo was called up by the international All Stars to turn round the fortunes of their side after the 1st test loss to Carlton Town but the big Italian was left sick as a pig as his team crashed to another defeat.

Devivo himself had looked good in the warm up but had no answer to Danny Marshall and John Newton when the real action began and his Partner Ryan faired even worse conceding his wicket 4 times in the opening gambit. A wicket for captain Mick Garton, 2 for Rob, and a double maiden for Ian White helped turn the screw further and with Arron and Grant Brindley taking 2 wickets apiece too, it was left to Ryan to redeem himself as the extra batsman smashing Greg Last for 26 in the final over of big hitting which included a last beamer.

Captain Garton was also guilty of a smilar offence on 2 occasions for the first time in his long career and was warned by umpire Tim Bee.

A score of minus 66 was always unlikely to trouble Carlton but after taking White's wicket early, they had hope but White and Last recovered from the early set back as did Garton and Rob after Garton was cleaned bowled by the impressive Pep.

John and Aaron also lost just the one wicket as did Danny and Grant with the latter contributing the highest score of the day 23.

Pep was certainly the All Stars best player on the day but Grant Brindley with 23 and 2 for 5 was man of the match.

Carlton Town cricket club remain unbeaten. Cozimo Devivo promised the All Stars would hit back in the 3rd test, a match they need to win and new signings look on the horizon as Devivo flexe's his muscles, he doesn't enjoy defeat!

Credit must also go to Carlton Town for excellent fielding, they took all their catches while the All stars dropped four and that was a factor in the 55 to -66 scoreline and will have been noted by the detemined and passionate Devivo.



As the international allstars warmed up and Mr White and Mr West prepared to take strike, a figure appeared on the horizon, he was in full West Indian gear complete with own bat and dreadlocks streaming. He looked like Richie Richardson, the West Indian legend but Carlton's 8th man was no other than the first teams football assitant Mark Clarke.

White and West got Carlton off to a decent start in this the first game of the new season, but  a disastrous spell of batting by Captain Mick Garton put Carlton on the back foot with cocky exploiting conditions and twice having the Carlton captain stumped for chasing the score .

Rob hit a useful 13 but with John Newton getting a negative and then Danny Marshall also in the minus it was left to Clarkey (Richie Richardson) to get the score into the positive. He scored 27 and the score for MSR was 27.

John Newton opened the bowling for MSR but it was the MSR captain who had batted so badly who dragged Carlton back into the game with a superb spell of bowling conceding just one run in his first over and taking 3 wickets in the 2nd and a run out, Carlton were back on top. Danny Marshall followed with an awesome spell taking 6 wickets without conceding a run. Only Nico was in the positive for the All Stars with Cocky and Pete Bradley who had also bowled well fairing worse than Garton with the bat and with 2 wickets a piece for Rob and Alan and 4 for the oustanding Ian White, further Richardson heroics were not required with the game well won when he came on to bowl the last over. It was the 4thgame for the boys and their 4th win.

They are set to take on Will's All Stars on 15th May as part of Carlton's festival day before the 2nd match in this world series on Friday 20th May.


McGregors Corporate  -33.                                              

Carlton Town 22.

With Danny Marshall and John Newton injured and Greg Last away,Carlton Captain Mick Garton had changes to make.

Back came Mark West and Grant Brindley and there were debuts for Rob Ledwitch,Felix Lighter and Dave was flown in from South Africa after gaining ICC Clearance as the club's overseas player.

McGregors made the worst possible start when Steve was run out off the first ball and struggled to recover as Carlton bowled some decent stuff.

Garton had lost the toss for the 3rd game in row but vice Captain Roome had wanted the oppurtuninty to bowl first and now Carlton had to step up to the plate has Mcgregors elected to bat.

The first pair showed a -5 score with wickets for White and Garton and although Felix and Garton twice went on to miss catches,Carlton remained on top with West again playing a prominent part in bowling two wicket maidens.

Despite the misses,some good catches were taken and South African Dave showed his continental quality with some fine efforts and even Garton and wicket keeper Felix got in on the act with a catch a piece.

McGregor's score of -33 was better than the Arnold Retards managed but less than they would of hoped for and Carlton went into their chase confident.

Garton and Roome had 19 on the board when the Carlton Captain clipped one off his legs to mid wicket and an excellent catch was taken to leave Garton and Roome on just 11 which was in the positive but dissapointing for the experienced openers.

West and White also had to work hard for their runs but West with 11 and White with 15 kept Carlton in the positive before a nervy finish.

Dave who had fielded and bowled superbly struggled with the bat and finished on -12 while Rob contributed 7.

John despite not claiming wickets was the star bowler and both Garton and Ledwitch acknowledged an excellent 2 overs which went for only 3 runs.

Brindley and Lighter were left to see the game home but not without a few scares as Lighter lost the plot!The young star was out twice in succession and then hit a forbidden six for a third dismissal and it was left to Brindley to coach his young prodigee in the final 2 overs to ensure Carlton made it 3 out of 3 wins.

A special mention for Matthew,John and Phil who all had their moments with the bat for McGregor's but Carlton's excellent bowling proved the key to this game with West and White the star performers.



Carlton Town Chairman and Cricket Captain Mick Garton led his team to a comprehensive victory in this the 2nd game of cricket on Carlton's all weather surface and he played a pivotal part along with the outstanding all rounder Ian White,It's a day that the superb sportsman and player that is Dave Fryer will like to erase from his memory.

This game was a six a side contest with each team facing 18 overs and Garton was charged up from the start after comments made by Arnold in the warm up "I hope he's bowling all the time" being one of them, it was a foolish chant and one that came back to haunt the Retards as Garton blasted apart thier middle order with a hatrick.There was a change at the top of the Carlton order with Garton and Roome going in first after being put into bat.Garton stroked his way to a beautiful 29 not out and Roome hit an elegant 14 before slicing one for a catch to reduce his contribution to 4.In fairness it was Roome who made the bigger contribution in the first game and 40 including extras from the first 6 overs gave the big hitting Last and White the platform to build on and build they did!

Last smashed 6 maximums on his way to 51 while White hit 9 maximums out of a score of 63.It was an awesome display of power hitting from the Carlton middle order and Danny Marshall followed that up at the back end with an equally entertaining 46, he also hit 6 maximums but was out once.Newton depite his obvious talent had a bad day with the bat and was out twice finishing with a -4 score which will dissapoint him.

A score of 203 from 18 overs will take some beating at Stoke Lane and the retards were never going to get close.

Garton and Roome opended the bowling for Carlton Town and the golden oldies combined in style once again,Garton the catcher and Roome the bowler as Carlton took their first wicket.

There was a wicket for last and 2 for White as the Retards struglled to respond to the huge Carlton total.Garton fired up by the  banter from Dayne Lowe and Chris Arnold responded the only way he knows by bowling a hatrick,it started with a catch for Marshall before he clean bowled Dave Fryer with an inswinging corker and an excellent Last stumping saw the Carlton captain record his first ever hatrick at the age of 47.

Wickets continued to tumble and despite a late cameo from the impressive Keith who scored the only plus score for the Arnold retards ,the game was long over.

Man of the match White finished with outstanding figures of 6 for 12 while Garton had 5 for 9.

Outstanding indeed and all Carlton's other bowlers chipped in with 2 wickets each.

The banter from the retards was sharp and witty,thier performance on the pitch however was not and they were comprehenisvely dispatched by a well organised Carlton unit.

Big battles lay ahead but the Carlton Town boys will take away their knees,bathe them and in the case of Garton (particually),Last and Roome and come again, we look forward to the next installment.


Some things in cricket are predictable and pass  the test of time, others are not so.

Greg Last launched the ball for 6 in his first over at the crease and then lost his middle stump in the next over.When he bowled,his first ball was a beamer,his third was another beamer and his fourth a wide.Roome shaked his head and looked over at Garton, they didn't need to speak, they both knew that from the playing fields of Standhill Park some 30 years ago, nothing had changed and indeed both had predicted that the flamboyant Last would be both a hero and a liability in equal measure and he didn't left them down, he is pure threatre and that's why they both love him so much!

Roome for his part who has never hit a six in his life, dispatched a six to the one part of the ground that is declared out.You couldn't make it up!

Anyway enough of the sub plots and down to the game.Pep won the toss for the Nottingham Warriors and put Carlton Town into bat.West and Last opened for Carlton and while West struggled to put bat to ball the two went on to get what was actually a decent score in hindsite.

Garton and Roome hit some useful one's and two's as Garton and Roome do but their partnership was hampered by a silly run out and the Roome six that wasn't.

Brindley and Marshall turned the game back Carlton's way with some big hitting while Pep's fielders let him down,dropping a total of five catches in all.

White and Newton finished for Carlton but despite some big hits,they shed wickets with some miss judgements and a total of 33 from the 16 overs looked not nearly enough.

Impressive bowling from the excellent Danny Whetton and Nigel had helped restrict Carlton and Mick Garton and his bowlers would have all on defending the small total.

The Warriers started with a flourish with the otherwise impressive Danny Marshall dropping Whetton from a first ball caught and bowled chance, Whetton made Carlton pay!

Carlton started to peg the warriors back with Garton himself among those who bowled tight overs although the Carlton Captain was devastated when Newton dropped one off his first ball.

The game turned when Mark West came on to bowl the eighth over, he took a superb caught and bowled and the game was back in the balance.

The Warriors needed 11 from the final batch of 4 overs but Carlton kept the pressure on with superb overs from newton and Roome before Grant Brindley really turned the screw with two wickets in his final over.

It wasn't a great day for that great sporting family the Devivo's, Danny dropped 2 catches and Frankie was out 3 times in the crucial last over that sealed the Warriors Fate and left the man who started slowly finishing the man of the match and showed age is no barrier to class,take a bow Mark West!

Credit to Umpire Tim Bee who did a sterling job and to both teams for the excellent spirit the game was played in.

A rematch has already been penciled in for Friday 24th September when Pep Devivo will be hoping to gain revenge, if his lads can take their catches and Cozimo Devivo is available to return, they have every chance.It's fair to say there were a few creaking legs in the Carlton team who must now set there sights on the Arnold retards who they entertain on Sunday 22nd of August at 2pm although they will be without star man Mark West and Garton will be keen to bring in a quality replacement.

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