Home of the Millers


April 14, 2020


It has been a hectic 48 hours with Msr Newsgroup looking to extend their delivery service with some shops closed and very few customers to serve in the shops that remain open.

The brilliant 100 club launched by Alan Murphy held it’s first draw, with Alan making possibly his first appearance to camera for the club, such are these times we are in!

The Chairman’s candid interview with the Nottingham Post about what the club was up against and his fears for the future.

All three of the above have brought excellent responses from supporters and the public in general with new orders coming in for many of the products on the Msr list and others contacting our main sponsor to say they will be ordering in due course.

Msr topped up with Castle Rock beer today and will be ready to go again in the morning!

This website understands that donations have been made back to the club from winners of the 100 club and while Alan Murphy is extremely grateful for that, he hopes that winners will not feel obliged to do that going forward, but nonetheless it shows the fantastic people involved with this football club and management are proud concerning what has happened.

Strategic development Officer Dave Hodgson (pictured with Sir Cliff as if) is helping Chairman Mick Garton with the response to his Nottingham Post interview which has been extensive and Dave believes it has opened some doors for both Msr and the football club.

“We received phone calls and e mails from other clubs with ideas and experiences, ideas from members of the public who have no affinity with the club who want to help and myself and Mick are currently working through these, we are in talks with the council and I have submitted an application for financial support from Sport England and are hopeful of some positive news from at least one of these bodies in the coming days, but make no mistake when this is over, we will all have to get our fundraising heads on” said Hodgson

“Mick has contacted the Northern Premier Academy league management and told them Tommy will do an interview at any time promoting the Academy, not just for Carlton, but for football clubs in general at our level”

“There is a real worry about the Academy set up in particular, because of the way it is funded and the fact they can’t properly recruit at the moment, which is their key time for recruitment and this club will do all it can to support the organisation going forward and hope and pray it can survive this awful situation, we urge everyone else to do the same and put out the positives about something which the club is rightly proud of”

“Finally I would like to thank all of you supporting Msr, their Sponsorship is vital to the club and will be there if Msr survive, that i am sure. All of you who supported the 100 club and finally all of you who have been in touch offering ideas and to help the club following Mick’s interview, hopefully we will have some good news soon, stick with us” concluded a positive Hodgson.