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November 22, 2020


Carlton Town and everyone else at our level of football remains in lockdown, but it does seem clear now that the lockdown will end at midnight on 2nd December.

What will follow on 3rd December however is as yet unknown, but speculation is rife it will still be very draconian going forward, we can only wait and see!

There are two positive bits of news however to come out of Stoke Lane, both off the pitch.

Dave Hodgson has tried to get every little bit of help he can for the club and his success has been well documented on these pages and rightfully so.

His latest achievement for the club is somewhat left field however.

Dave spoke to us earlier and made an official announcement!

“Monster Hydrosport is the ultimate sports drink with natural Caffeine and extra ingredients to give any team the energy they need to play hard”

“I am pleased to announce that Carlton Town Fc have a won a season’s worth of this super fuel courtesy of Monster Energy and Pitchero”

“Hydrosport has electrolytes for hydration and BCAA’s for recovery, plus its non-carbonated so it can be used just before a game or at half time”

“It’s been a difficult year for Tommy, Mark and the squad , as it has been for many clubs, but rest assured that the team have continued to maintain their fitness levels in anticipation of starting again on the 5th December as it now looks like and hopefully the benefits of Monster Hydrosport can enhance the performance further” concluded Hodgson.

Another project Hodgson has been heavily involved with is improvements to the car park and during this enforced lockdown, work overseen by Club Secretary Trevor Wells has been moving at a pace following the vital grant from Gedling Borough Council, Hodgson is confident all involved with the club will be pleasantly surprised when they return to the stadium.

Improvements and repairs to the 3G pitch, the main pitch and ongoing maintenance along with the upgrade of the grass training area used by the club’s junior section has already taken place, the car park was next on the list and the extra turnstile alongside a new emergency exit is also on the horizon and with the work done by supporters, the ground is starting to look really impressive, now we just now need to be able to open it again and start using it and hopefully hold some functions down there in 2021.

This website also understands the Chairman is set to announce a new Academy sponsor in the coming days, so watch this space.

Congratulations to season ticket holder Jason Simkins who won the 100 club £100 prize, other winners in the November draw were Sue Guest £50, Martin Bell £25 and club legend Ian White £25.

Finally, Marketing chief and programme editor Ben Chambers has informed the club, he will have to take a step back in the new year due to his education commitments, so the club will be urgently seeking in particular a new programme editor, any one interested in getting involved with the club and taking on this role can contact Ben on 07787 203203 who remains in his position until 31st December and continues to do a great job for the club and we are sure will do so until that day.




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