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April 10, 2019


Carlton Town are not reporting much good news at the moment and today was another negative day for the club with the news that Vice Chairman Paul King has stood down as Vice Chairman with immediate affect.

Paul is snowed under with work at April King and with a heavy heart has told Chairman Mick Garton and President Roger Smith that he his unable to continue in the role going forward.

King has made a significant contribution both financially and in terms of personal help to the club in his time as vice Chairman and Mick Garton paid tribute to his close friend.

“Paul has been an absolute asset to this football club over the the last few years, helping launch the recording of games and Millers Tv, his input into brainstorming sessions and into events staged by the club , his help with the Matchday programme and of course a significant financial imput”

” This is certainly not a fall out and we remain close friends and Paul has said he will still help and contribute going forward which I greatly appreciate, but it has been notable he has been unable to get to games in recent times and that his focus was firmly with his business”

” He has been an outstanding Vice Chairman and contributed much to this football club following in the footsteps of the late and great Chuck Fowler and I am going to miss him and am genuinely sad”

“When ¬†you work with someone you trust completely, you don’t want to lose them so on a personal level and on a club level this is a blow, we can’t dress it up any other way” admitted the Millers Chairman.

Paul’s departure will also leave a vacancy on the clubs Executive Committee which is key to the clubs decision making and Garton and President Roger Smith will have to think carefully about where they go from here as there is no plan B in place for Paul’s departure, given the respect he had at Stoke Lane.

The news of King’s departure comes just 24 hours after defeat to Basford United in the Final of the Notts Senior Cup, although the mood at the club was improved by a gallant if in vain performance from the Millers as they more than matched Basford for significant periods of the Final.

What the future holds for the Millers going forward is anybody’s guess but at the moment the powers that be just want to thank Paul King for his significant contributions to the football club over the last few years, be grateful he will still help where he can and wish a good man all the very best going forward as his company deals with ever increasing new challenges.



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