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May 30, 2020


With businesses gradually starting to get back to work and schools set to start opening in the coming days and shops set to start re opening on Monday 15th June, Carlton Town joint manager Tommy Brookbanks speaking on behalf of himself and Mark Harvey has called for everyone connected with the club to come down and help sprice the ground up ahead of next season.

“We understand from Dave and the Chairman that a good news announcement is on the horizon and we can free up some money for materials that will be needed by the volunteers”

“Although our priorities are on the pitch, we have always felt that if the stadium looks right when we turn up there, it gives the right impression to anybody who may be looking to get involved with us”

“While we have been in lockdown with no income, obviously that becomes an issue, but now is the time for anybody who can and We mean anybody who is connected or who cares about the club to come down and give a few hours of their time please and help with Painting, cleaning up and making the ground fit for purpose again”

Chairman Mick Garton told us  “I know we have said Dave is working hard behind the scenes and we hope to make an announcement soon, but after signing legal documents with regard to help for the club and guaranteeing any money we get goes to what we have said it is for, we are now in a position to start ordering paint and whatever materials are needed to get things done”

“You are obviously in the hands of sporting bodies in terms of when we get grants and when they can be announced, but I am confident enough to give the go ahead to start essential works” continued the Chairman.

Brookbanks and Harvey are determined to look on the positive side of things and are gearing everything up for a return to training on or about the 1st July, but they are well aware that could change.

“Things are slowly moving forward with regard to sport, so we have to think positive and have plans in place and if those plans have to change so be it, but getting the ground prepared is a good starting point” concluded Brookbanks.

Any member of the Carlton Town family willing to help , however much or however little can contact Jamie on 07791 394234.

Mick and Tommy have like many others been battling to save their businesses in these horrendous times and both would like to thank all of those in the Carlton Town family who are buying Castle Rock beer and other items delivered by Msr and also milk, bread and eggs which initially come through Tommy and have been delivered by Msr through their app or by telephoning Msr’s head office on 0115 9581735.




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