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January 24, 2020


Carlton Town Chairman Mick Garton and Vice Chairman Barry North (pictured) are set to meet on Sunday at Stoke Lane to discuss launching a ground fund.

With Tommy Brookbanks and Mark Harvey at the helm, the club has a real hope of progressing going forward and while the club’s current fund raising model supports the playing budget and everyday running costs, there is no plan in place for the club to progress given they have been fighting relegation for the last 5 years and there has only been minimal ground improvements required.

The whole mindset at the club has had to change in the last few months for all the right reasons and while the club have done the right thing in securing some of their best young players on contract, facilities at the Stadium have come to the forefront in recent days.

The pitch, the Car park , the Floodlights, facilities on the 3G pitch and the capacity of the stadium along with the Paul Shelton stand have all come into conversations involving the Chairman and various management and Commitee members since the turn of the year.

The club yesterday announced work had commenced on some key projects just to maintain their current level 4 status, but talks on Sunday will also focus on the possibility of promotion and what that will mean for the club.

The club is well aware that is a lofty ambition and is fraught with challenges, but is also well aware that discussions need to take place, so that a plan can be put in place for all eventualities.

The meeting on Sunday is a starting point for a process that will involve all the key people at the club from the playing side, the committee side and the supporters and also local bodies such as Gedling Borough Council.

This website understands that Barry and his wife Jackie have some positive ideas of their own, given their own experiences in the game and the Chairman is determined to tap into their knowledge.

Watch this space !

The Chairman and Strategic Development Officer Dave Hodgson who is also playing a key role behind the scenes in talks and ideas going forward, will join supporters prior to tomorrow’s game at Sheffield on the final leg of their pub crawl for what is always one of the favourite away days for the club’s fans.




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