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June 15, 2019


Carlton Town Chairman Mick Garton spoke to us from Blackpool where he has been attending the Northern Premier Leagues AGM at The Grand Hotel on Blackpool’s north prominade.
Before he left for Blackpool the Chairman and new joint manager Tommy Brookbanks met with the organisers of a major event in the fight against serious and violent crime and in particular knife crime which has been increasing rapidly in recent months.
“I am sure Tommy and myself speak for everyone at the club in our belief, that the football club has a duty to help wherever it can in terms of supporting these kind of initiatives” Garton told us.
“I have been fairly vocal in my opinion that Brexit, whatever views people have on it has paralysed the country with little or nothing getting done to tackle some of the urgent problems that need facing and the recent number of stabbings and general violent crime is a real concern to the majority of us in society, even if some politicians are burying their heads in the sand”
“At Carlton Town, we are determined to do our bit in the community, so we have made our facilities available for a massive Fundraising Memorial game between an AC13 ALL STAR X1 and a NOTTS POLICE ALL STAR X1”
The game will take place on Sunday 14th July with an expected 2pm kick off at Stoke Lane but the whole event will run from 10am to 6pm and will include a kids football tournament on the 3G, a number of stalls from stakeholders and Nottinghams got talent which will be featured on a stage adjacent to the 3G pitches.
The Clubhouse will be open for drinks throughout the day along with the club’s snack bar and their will also be a Jamaican BBQ among the stalls adjacent to the 3G.
There will be a number of guest speakers including Trish Bergan (Knife crime campaigner) and Chanell Wallace from the hit documentary “Life after my brothers murder”
The event is being supported by a number of key sponsors and all the final details are set to be revealed in the coming days.
Money raised on the day will go support services that tackle serious and violent crime and “Taken too Soon” with the strap heading of “Lives not knives” has put out a message through Chief organiser Roger Henry who has previously received a point of light award from the prime minister for his outstanding work in the community, thanking Carlton Town and in particular Garton and Tommy Brookbanks for paving the way in giving something back to the community.
Garton speaking to us from Blackpools North Pier where he is pictured with his son Josh ( who is taller?) after meeting up with his family following the conclusion of the AGM continued
“When Tommy accepted the offer to come back, we both talked about being at the heart of the community in not only helping charities, but by attempting to give more chances to local youngsters to play for Carlton Town with opportunities throughout the Junior section, our excellent Academy and ultimately the first team”
“We also have excellent relationships with a number of other clubs and organisations that use our facilities and we are determined to build and enhance that in the coming months and years”
When asked about the AGM, the Chairman told us it all went well and that there would be a major Northern Premier announcement on or around the 1st July, Carlton look forward to that with anticipation and to a very busy week soon after that announcement, which will see them entertain a Notts County X1 on Tuesday 9th July 7.45pm, Hucknall Town on Saturday 13th July followed by a Race night before the big “Taken too soon” event on Sunday 14th July.