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January 9, 2021


Carlton Town Chairman Mick Garton spoke to us today and told us how impressed he was with the response to Tommy Brookbanks idea of a local tournament in March, April and May and after dialogue with Vice Chairman Barry North and president Roger Smith today, the three senior figures at the club have agreed that if the league is to be made Null and Void again this season, which now looks highly likely, that they will not only support Tommy’s proposal, but the with the proviso that supporters are allowed in, will do all they can to drive the proposal.

“The response Tommy’s received as been fantastic and we will up talks with other clubs in the coming weeks” said Mick Garton.

“With around 10 teams, we could probably have a league situation with everyone playing each other home and away during an approximate 10 week period with the top four going through to a knockout stage with the top team playing the 4th placed team and 2nd playing third for a place in the final.

” If more teams were to be involved and the early response indicates that may be the case, we may have to run two leagues of seven or eight and then the decision would be, do we seed teams and have two separate tournaments or do a draw for one tournament with two divisions.

“Many questions I know and all depends on what happens with the virus and the vaccine programme and how quickly things change for the better”

“We would obviously have to get it sanctioned by the Football Association and put a management committee in place to sort out the fixtures and the match officials etc, but as a one off event in theses unique circumstances, Tommy’s proposal certainly has legs”

“My understanding is that Ilkeston Town, Basford United , Hucknall Town, Gedling Miners Welfare, Dunkirk Fc and Rainworth Miners Welfare are 6 of the 12 clubs who have indicated their interest in being involved”

“An offer of Sponsorship has already come forward and their is no doubt the revenue generated from many Local Derbys would help us all out, as cash flow is now non existent and many clubs are only surviving due to the generosity of benefactors and help from committed supporters”

“I must stress at this stage, these are only talks and nothing concrete is in place, but this would give something to Players and supporters alike to look forward to in what has been the most miserable 12 months in living memory”

“Tommy is a very positive person and his enthusiasm alone gives this proposal a chance, we will certainly get behind it if the season is definitely curtailed due to lack of space in the calendar to get it finished, I’m sure that will be the case now given they won’t want another knock on effect to next season, which is another factor I’m sure they are taking into consideration” said the Chairman.

“Tommy suggested games could be played Saturday’s and midweek during that period which would enable us to meet a proposed timetable”

“Watch this space and we will keep people posted when we know if we can genuinely help make this happen, it does depend on many factors but where there is a will there is usually a way” concluded the Chairman.

As we complete this post following our interview with Garton, we have breaking news that former head of the Notts Senior League, the highly respected Dick Durrant has agreed to become Chairman and head up a proposed Management Commitee of this proposed competition if it is to happen and that he will start making phone calls Monday morning to explore the possibilities.

Garton also told us that the club’s Tote competition would be suspended after the Saturday night draw 9th January with the club unable to collect subscriptions off the majority of people in the competition.



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