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November 29, 2020


Carlton Town’s Chairman Mick Garton, Vice Chairman, Barry North  (pictured with the Chairman) and president Roger Smith and other senior committee members who have been spoken to are all against any idea of playing without fans present.

This stance is fully supported by the supporters club and is completely untenable and unacceptable the Millers Chairman told us today.

“We were keen to get restarted after the lockdown, that’s why we spoke to Cleethorpes and both teams agreed to play despite the chance of only one training session prior to the game” the Chairman told us.

“We were staggered to be placed in tier 3 given the way cases had come down and even more staggered to be told supporters were now banned from attending”

“Roger rung me when he heard the news and I cannot repeat what he said on this website, we would all like to know what the science is behind this latest move, I thought the non league family were doing a great job and I am unaware of serious outbreaks of Covid at any grounds”

“If that is in fact the case , it would be good to see the evidence and then perhaps we could understand this latest decision, I honestly thought the excellent measures we have all put in place were working”

“Football clubs at this level can not play without fans, they are our life blood, it is their club, without fans, clubs are nothing, we are reliant on the gate money and the bar and catering and sponsors and yes there are a number of us who contribute financially, but we do not have the people here who can cover the whole wage bill, the referees and other Matchday expenses’

“My business for example is currently trading at a substantial loss due to the pandemic and we cannot go to companies who sponsor us such as Castle Rock for example to help us out as they are fighting for their very existence, due to the latest draconian and business destroying sanctions announced last week when we all thought the lockdown was over”

“Most of us supported the original lockdown and were grateful of the help the government and football authorities put in place, but the mood has changed now and we find it difficult to believe a word that is coming from the country leaders and can make little sense of the contradictions that are putting thousands of people out of work”

“I spoke to joint manager Tommy Brookbanks after the announcement and he is equally exasperated with the situation and agrees football at this level cannot be played without fans”

“There is a meeting on Tuesday evening with league officials and all the club’s and I understand many share our view on this , so we will have to see what happens, but I wanted to put this out for the benefit of supporters, so they know where we stand as a club on the subject, we are very clear” concluded the Millers Chairman.