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March 15, 2020


Carlton Town, like pretty much every sports organisation in the land is waiting to see what happens next with regards to the Corona virus, with a whole host of games and events coming up.

Mark Harvey (pictured) spoke yesterday and echoed a view that had been expressed by many at Stoke Lane on Saturday as Carlton defeated Glossop North End 4-0.

If by cancelling all football fixtures, it would help put an end to this awful virus, there are few people who would question it, but if we are we purely delaying something, then that leaves more questions than answers.

While panic as hit the high street, there was an air of calm at the Bill Stokeld Stadium and one certainly felt safer there than at a supermarket at the moment where people are battling for toilet rolls and paracetamols.

Two excellent interviews with Mark Harvey and indeed Tyler Blake carried out by the excellent Neil Ward are now on Carlton Town Tv.

We should know in the coming hours and days what the immediate future holds in terms of fixtures and the way things stand at the moment , teams have rightly got the opportunity to cancel games if they have the virus in the camp providing they follow the League’s guidelines.

From Carlton’s ¬†perspective, they will plan for the big local Derby against Belper Town at Stoke Lane ¬†this Tuesday and have no plans to cancel Friday nights event with former Nottingham Forest and Derby County legend John O Hare at Stoke Lane.

One event that could get postponed is the Family Fun Day at Southwell Racecourse on Easter Sunday with the government expected to cancel events that lead to gatherings of over 500 people. Carlton now have the tickets, but are holding back on promoting the event , while they await clarification from the government and the Racecourse.

The Big Fundraising Dg event at the Dragon on Sunday 29th March is still scheduled to go ahead , unless the government shuts pubs down.

All we can do is keep Supporters right up to date, with the situation extremely fluid and we will endeavour to do that in the coming days and weeks!



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