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March 18, 2020


There is not not much good news in the world at the minute and with the announcement yesterday that racing meetings have been cancelled for the foreseeable future, the inevitable cancellation of Carlton’s Day at Southwell Racecourse which in recent years has been an excellent money spinner for the club has today followed.

Chairman Mick Garton told us ” This is an inevitable announcement but obviously another body blow for the club, we will hopefully be able to reschedule later in the year and I will talk with The Racecourse and our sponsors in the coming weeks”

” I can also confirm that Carly’s big annual Charity event at the ground For Forever Stars scheduled for May which always attracts a big crowd has also been cancelled today”

” I apologise to supporters that I have not given any personal updates on the website this week until now, but my focus this week is trying to ensure my business survives this horrendous situation, we are all in at the moment”

” I have lost more accounts in the last two days than at ant time in 40 years of being in business and like everybody else, I am having to make some extremely tough decisions regarding staff and shop opening hours, with Nottingham City Centre where I have three retail shops changing from a vibrant City Centre to a ghost town”

“I’m sure many of you reading this are in the same boat and you have my sympathy, this is uncharted territory for all of us and I can only pray this does not go on for too long and that nobody loses loved ones to this shocking virus”

“From the football club’s point of view, we have not closed the Clubhouse yet as a few 3G bookings remain although many have cancelled, so we do have availability for anyone looking to play some kind of football”

“I would like to re-emphasise the messages we have put out on twitter in recent times thanking everyone for their support and I include the 75 of you who had committed to supporting Friday nights John o Hare event which sadly has also had to be called off”

“I would also personally like to say a massive thankyou to Tim Bee for all the effort and work he put in to getting the Showmans Guild game on the other week, all be in on another pitch, he really did step up and beyond for the club, thanks Tim”

“If Saturday’s game was the last one of the season, well what a way to sign off with two 4-0 wins on the bounce, as the management and players ramped up the anti at a crucial stage of the season and we truly hope that is not the case and hope the season can resume at some point, particularly with us in our best position for many years, but we can only wait and see and all try and get through this awful time on so many levels intact and hopefully god willing to be ready and in a position to go again” concluded the Chairman.




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