Home of the Millers


August 23, 2020


Although the club has had some help with grants , one of the key stipulations is where that money must be spent and Dave Hodgsons statement in relation to that will be made in the next few days now the AGM has been held and the update has been given to the committee.

One other important factor however is that the club still has a playing budget to find starting from September and the usual fund raisers, by way of the Pool Marathon, Summers Speakers event, Race Day and Golf Day have all been cancelled due to Covid 19 meaning the usual 10k raised by these events is not there and nor has there been the usual income from pre season friendlies.

The pressure therefore is on the Club to start raising some money now the ground has been partially opened which has kicked off with the player Sponsorship scheme.

New Marketing Director Ben Chambers has had some success with that already with a number of players covered already and has we go to press, Ben tells us that Oliver Clark is now sponsored by Stick Palms.

This website is delighted to announce today that all the Coaching staff have today been covered. Chairman Mick Garton last night agreed to cover Tommy Brookbanks and has today added Goalkeeping Coach Curtis McDonald to that.

Vice Chairman Barry North and Vice President Jackie North have announced they will cover Mark Harvey and player Coach Daryl Thomas, while Jackie and son Gary will cover Dan Goddard and Paul Rockley. Former local Mp and big friend of the club Vernon Coaker has been in touch and will cover Danny Elliot and new striker Jordan Smith.

It means there are limited opportunities to sponsor players left with other players sponsored so far being Jack Steggles, Martin Ball, Dan Brown, Jacob Sturgess, Niall Davie, Tom Maddison, Tyler Blake and Aaron Opoku.

There are some big names still to be snapped up including  Toby Moore, Daniel Fletcher and new signing Lawrence Gorman. Contact Ben on 07787 203203.

In other news, Carlton played out a competitive 1-1 draw against an impressive Radford Fc yesterday with Ollie Clark getting the Millers equaliser.

The club would like to say a big thankyou to Johnathon Noon at Huggable Textiles who have donated their usual golf fee day to the club by putting the £160 into the third kit Superdraw which we can now confirm will take place after the first home league of the season in the Clubhouse Sportsbar, envelopes for the £10 draw are available from committee and players.

This seasons Tote competition which runs over from last season will restart on Saturday 19th September.

Details regarding the friendly against Nottingham Forest’s youngsters next Saturday will follow in the next few days. Carlton had an attendance of over 600 when they last played a young Forest side some 20 years ago, but due to Covid 19, the attendance is restricted to 200 and the club have been advised the game must be all ticket.

This will be the first all ticket game in the club’s history and much work needs to be done in the next 48 hours to make this a reality, the club’s supporters club has been fully briefed on this and will continue to keep you all up to date before the official announcement.

Finally the club would like to thank those who attended Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Radford and their cooperation in following the new systems the club has had to put in place in relation to Track and Trace, One Way Systems, queues and toilets etc, supporters were patient and cooperative with club officials and the first game back with supporters proved a success.