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December 2, 2020


Despite their currently being no football and much up in the air in terms of what is happening going forward at the moment, there is still much going on off the pitch.

Chairman Mick Garton attended and spoke regarding the club’s position at a meeting of all the Northern Premier League clubs and reiterated what we had told this website.

The club have voted for the season to be suspended while supporters are banned from attending by the government, initially until the next government review and the club supports the League in a attempting to get the bizarre decision overturned.

With announcements today revealing 1,000 fans per session are to be allowed in doors at the darts shortly, it makes the current position regarding fans even more baffling.

The Chairman has reported to the supporters Club following the meeting and we understand further announcements are pending.

Time to brighten the mood however with some good news and the club is delighted to announce the Chairman is delighted to comfirm that with the help of Paul Lowe, Shirt sponsorship has been secured for the Academy team for the 2020/2021 season.

A good friend of the club “Boatsy” is very much involved in the new deal which involves World Game Changers (WGC) and Colette Thomas has kindly stepped up to the plate and agreed to sponsor the club on the charity’s behalf, the club have also agreed in principle with Boatsy to hold a Charity football match when ever possible in the future to support the Charity.

World Game Changers are delighted to be supporting our Academy and Paul Lowe on their behalf gave us the following statement.


Last season the charitable company – Speaking From Our HEARTS – was proud to sponsor the CTFC Academy; this on the back of a long and mutually-beneficial relationship between Town’s chairman Mick Garton, and Paul Lowe; the latter being responsible for many community and charitable initiatives.

This season, that excellent relationship has been enhanced even further, by the addition of two other selfless people…

Many in the football world will already be aware of Gary Clarke – often referred to as ‘Boatsy’.  Paul and Gary spoke for the first time, at last December’s Annual Christmas Dinner, where Paul interviewed one of his former mentors from his time at Nottingham Forest – Paul Hart.

From that point, it immediately became apparent there was a strong, mutual respect, to the point where Gary is now a founding director of the newly-formed charitable company known as World Game-Changers (WGC); aglobal initiative – made up from compassionate and dedicated people – that cares deeply about helping people succeed in life.  

Maybe we don’t need to look that far though, to find someone that also fits that description… a local lady by the name of Colette Thomas.  Through her friendship with Gary, she generously agreed to sponsor the Academy, on behalf of the WGC movement.

Paul sums up…

‘Supporting youth, is one of the primary objectives of WGC, and what better way to do so, than local people supporting each other – that’s surely a great goal, and teamwork in action, for the benefit of all?’





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