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June 16, 2019


Many Carlton fans from the early part of the decade will know what to expect from a Tommy Brookbanks side, Brookbanks played 4-4-2 for the most part in his heyday at Carlton, but has been known to play 2-4-4 in his pursuit of goals in what can often be a rollercoaster.
We caught up with one of the clubs early programme columnists Murray Hayes who later moved to live in Spain before returning to the uk.
Hayes now divides his time between his apartment in Spain, but also has accommodation in Walcott on the Norfolk coast, but still has his ear to the ground and was delighted to see that Tommy Brookbanks was returning to the club he still follows from a distance.
This website caught up with the colourful Hayes and asked him for his thoughts ahead of a new era at Stoke Lane.
“It’s an excellent appointment, they often say don’t go back because it won’t work but this for me was a no brainier, I remember taking a table at a function when I worked at Heineken a few years ago when Tommy was manager and he struck me as very charismatic”
“He came up to the front and thanked us all for coming and I remember thinking, he’s a man I could play for”
“I was very impressed with Les Mcjannet and Wayne Scott started fairly well, particularly with that magnificent County Cup win at Meadow Lane, but it had fallen badly away and it was time for a change” continued Hayes.
” I am told Mark Harvey is a good calming influence over the excitable Brookbanks and he has a decent record as a manager in his own right”
“Fans can certainly expect two up front, it will almost certainly be attack, attack, attack”
“I understand they have been inundated with players wanting to come on board and as well as two or three quality new signings I am aware they are bringing in, expect to see one or two old favourites to return”
“They will have too many players to start off with, but it will settle down once they have had a look at everybody and don’t be surprised to see one or two young players given an opportunity, they will be looking to spot a couple of gems”
“It was excellent that the club have kept Jack Steggles and Oliver Clark, that really impressed me and I know for certain Steggles was on his way out of the door”
“Brookbanks will accept Carlton are underdogs, but expects his teams to work hard and defend from the front, he loves flair and will always believe that he and his team can climb mountains,because he creates great team spirit and loyalty and a family atmosphere”
“I understand Mark Harvey has brought right into this and that they make a formidable team and I am also hearing good things about young coach Paul Rockley, they trust him implicitly and is a key part of their set up and bringing back Martin Ball is another positive move”
“The jury is out on wether Ball can still cut it as a player at this level, but I am told he is buzzing and can’t wait to get going and determined to prove any doubters wrong and Brookbanks knows him and trusts him, which is why he will also get involved with the coaching”
“It is also good to see the club offer the early board season ticket deal and listen to supporters who were clearly not happy last season”
“I would say to them, don’t get too down if there are a few defeats, I think there will be plenty of good days around the corner, these guys have numerous promotions between them and to my knowledge only one relegation, but Brookbanks will tell you he learnt more in that bad season at Hucknall Town, than in all those promotion years and I for one think this is an exciting time to be a Carlton fan” concluded Hayes.



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