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February 10, 2020


Carlton Town President Roger Smith spoke to Chairman Mick Garton and Vice Chairman Barry North late yesterday after hearing of the devastation at the ground caused by storm Ciara.

Roger has worked in the insurance industry all his life and knew that the perimeter fencing would not be covered by the club’s insurance policy and Committee man Bob Sharp who has been asked to head up the rebuilding project made it clear that a substantial number of posts and panels would need replacing after the damage and it would not be cheap.

The club are covered for repairs to the dugout area and Electrical repairs as well as damage to other parts of the stadium, but also face a £500 excess on those repairs.

Chairman Mick Garton’s company Msr Newsgroup have hospitality at Trent Bridge for some 20/20 games this summer and Garton had donated a handful of tickets to the club over the Christmas period to raise money.

He will now pledge an extended number of tickets to the club in order to raise money through the next Dragon raffle event and by donating tickets for the forthcoming John O Hare event which are likely to go into a silent auction event, he is currently thinking of the best way to do this.

The Chairman and Vice Chairman Barry North have put out a joint statement to keep Supporters aware of the current situation.

“There has been substantial damage at the ground and we are not currently in a position to host fixtures, we have spoken to the league regarding Wednesday’s game v Chasetown and with the Gedling Miners Welfare fixture provisionally earmarked for Tuesday 18th February, we are in talks with them and will speak urgently to the Notts Fa to see if the game can be rescheduled at Mapperley Plains”

“We are keen to play the game next week and like with the Bingham game are attempting to be pro active given we have already lost a number of games to the weather, even if it means giving up home advantage and losing the revenue stream the game would bring through the bar and snack bar”

“Supporters are aware we have spent a substantial amount on moving two Academy fixtures to Long Eaton United, calling in drainage expects and having the pitch Vertidrained, they are not aware that we have also had to spend a significant sum of money for our next ground grading inspection”

“Given the positivety on the pitch and generally within the camp, we will move heaven and earth to get these urgent repairs carried out as soon as possible, so the game v Stamford on Saturday 22nd February can go ahead, we would welcome any help from supporters who could perhaps help Jamie  fit the posts and panels in the next week or so and would urge anyone who can attend the next Dragon event on Sunday 29th March to come along and support the event and in particular the raffle or make a donation which now takes on extra significance and will hopefully pay for this work” concluded Garton and North.

They have both promised to keep everyone up to date via this website and the club’s twitter feed !





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