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April 4, 2020


Carlton Town Supporters club today filled the 100 club and Chairman Mick Garton described it as an outstanding effort and says it proves how much people care about the club.

“When Alan mentioned he was setting this up, I genuinely thought it was brilliant, but he had a mountain to climb in getting to 100, but they have pulled it off and with all our income streams collapsing around us, this is the one positive that gives up hope now are for the future”

“I will do everything I can to rebuild the financial infrastructure when this disaster is over providing I am in a position to do so, Dave Hodgson is working behind the scenes to try and get us some help to get through this also and many of you from all parts of the club past and present have supported this initiative which is fantastic”

“I like many others am fighting to keep my business afloat after losing over 350 Business accounts, many of them substantial accounts for the foreseeable future, I have been out myself today delivering Castle Rock Beer, Easter Eggs and Toilet Rolls etc and I actually did the Alan Murphy delivery and he broke me the wonderful news that the 100 club was full”

“I would also like to thank the other Carlton Town Supporters who placed beer and chocolate orders today on the back of Alan’s article and rest assured, providing my business survives the loss of those accounts, the closure at the moment of three stores, I will be there to continue to financially support the football club”

“We have still at this point had no government help and are desperate for it, the company who supplied most of our soft drinks and confectionary when bankrupt in front of me this week which was a truly humbling and horrendous experience, so anything anyone can do by ordering Castle Rock Beer off us among all the other items we can deliver, please do it and we will not keep you waiting for days on end like the big supermarkets, who for some reason have had all their business rates cancelled for the next 12 months, I don’t quite get that, some of us need help, they really don’t” continued the Millers Chairman.

“This football club has become a massive part of my life in recent years and the way everyone is reacting to the present crisis helps stimulate my determination to get through it, the last few months have left us on the crest of a wave and then it suddenly ended”

“My thoughts like everyone else’s at the moment are with our health service workers and those affected in an even bigger way by this awful virus, but yes we as a club want to survive through it, so thankyou and please keep supporting us and our sponsors and we will hopefully get through this” concluded the Millers Chairman.

Finally take a look at tonight’s photo and make your observations and comments, it’s another classic from the Tim Scott stable.




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