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April 12, 2019


Chairman Mick Garton and close friend Tom Nightingale had to settle for the runners spot for the second year in a row as deputy Commercial Manager Gaz Bee and Roger Gailbraith retained their trophy in the 2019 pool Marathon at Stoke Lane.

Garton and Nightingale had won the trophy in 2016 and 2017 but in a barnstorming afternoon session in which Bee and Gailbraith won 10 games on the bounce, they blew both opponents away with some outstanding pool.

The day started with an hour of killer and their were wins for Gaz Bee and Mick Garton to get things up and running.

The three team championship started at 9am and Mick and Tom surged into an early lead winning 4 of their first 6 games with Tom particularly impressive.

Tom then won the speed pool singles competition and Gaz and Roger won the doubles.

Tom and Roger shared the shots potting competition before Gaz and Roger won the first doubles tournament and Mick and Tom the second.

The Championship however saw Mick and Tom struggle in the second session winning just one of their six games while Gaz and Roger were rampant with Gaz playing the best pool of his life, punishing every little mistake.

Roger was also on fire with some fantastic safety play and consistent potting and in the third session they opened up a 6 game lead with Dean and Will who had impressed earlier failing to win a single game.

The gap looked to big for Mick and Tom and despite winning 3 of the last 4 games against the Champions with Mick in one game not only getting out of a snooker on the black, but potting it as well and at one point they pulled the deficit back to 4 games.

The funniest moment of the afternoon was when Tom was on the black and forget and subsequently potted one of the remaining reds which belonged to the opponents, it was either a case of alcohol kicking in or Alzheimer’s at 30 ?

The main thing from the clubs point of view was the amount of money raised and we can reveal it topped the 1k mark and the club were grateful to all those who called in throughout the day and contributed towards the fund.

Lou Lardi was on camera duty and Tim Bee brought the lads some food and both made donations to boost the fund along with Bob Sharp and ex Miller Lawrence Gorman and Lee Canoville who were running a soccer school at the stadium. Gorman and Canoville brought along some football boots signing by Forest star Ben Osborne.

The day today was mainly about the money raised but yes, there as always was that competitive edge and nobody was happier than Gaz Bee, he was in full celebration mode as they increased their victory margin back up to 5 games as unlucky Will went in off the black after a great clearance.

Dean and Will played their part and contributed to the fund raising and if the football team can find a bit of Gaz and Roger’s spirit and performance level in the remaining games, then they may just have a chance of staying up!




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