Home of the Millers


June 13, 2022


Carlton Town are devastated to report the death of their former commercial Manager Tim Harris at only 45 years of age.

Tim and his brother Simon held prominent positions at the club under the management of Les Mcjannet and were both extremely popular figures at Stoke Lane.

Chairman Mick Garton who worked closely with both of them told us.

“Our thoughts go out to Simon and the rest of the family, Tim was an excellent commercial manager at the club, instrumental along with his brother in overseeing the introduction of the Miller Mouse, the pool table and darts board at Stoke Lane and had teams representing Carlton Town playing in local competitions , he was also involved in setting up the pool marathon and sports days we have had in various years”

“Tim was always full of good ideas and regularly hosted brain storming sessions, he also DJ’d for the club when we started hiring out the clubhouse for functions and was programme editor for a while too, he was a pleasure to work with”

” I fondly remember a DJ gig we did together at another football club along with Forest Legend Kenny Burns to raise money for Carlton, both of us turning back the years to our youth when we both spent regular times on the decks”

“Possibly the best idea Tim and Simon came up with though was the annual Christmas draw which they promoted and introduced and which has gone on to raise thousands of pounds for the club over many years”

“Tim was a full on volunteer and we missed them both when they left Nottingham, but I know Tim had stayed in the game at Grimsby and Brigg and more recently in a role with the Scottish Fa”

Tim’s brother Simon spoke to us earlier following Tim’s sad death.

“I am sad to announce the passing of Tim Harris, Tim along with myself were a big part of the club around 10 years ago”
“Commercially and in many other roles Tim was responsible for putting a great deal of work in at Carlton. Non league clubs like the Millers rely on good hard working volunteers and Tim and i were both delighted to be involved”

”Tim went on to work with Grimsby Borough and Brigg Town before taking a senior role with the Scottish FA. He passes leaving his partner Sharon and son Dan. His pride in working at Carlton was huge and he always said he would always be a miller, something he quoted back to me in his final days”  his proud brother told us.