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April 22, 2020


With bills piling up from Water rates, the Insurance company, the Landlords and the Accountants to name but four and Carlton Town having absolutely no income apart from the 100 club because of the lockdown, things have been getting desperate at Stoke Lane, but the club were today given a double boost today when Gedling Borough Council comfirmed the club would receive the £10,000 government grant through the rates system to support them and enable them to pay these invoices.

On a second front, Msr Newsgroup comfirmed that they had now sold over 100 cases of Castle Rock Real Ale in their own fight for survival and a decent number had been sold to Carlton Town supporters.

Msr’s survival is without doubt vital to the club’s future at this level of football given their financial support for the club and while there is still along way to go, the signs are good with both Msr and Castle Rock agreeing to keep the service going even after the pandemic is over, when ever that will be ?

There are few positives that have come out of this terrible virus but the partnership between Castle Rock and Msr Newsgroup is one of them and the support of ourselves at Carlton Town in promoting that and our supporters in buying into it gives massive hope for the future.

For the record, Msr are providing free delivery of Castle Rock beer throughout Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire and the following are available.

Eight bottle packs are available as follows Harvest Pale £20.00, Elsie Mo £20.00, Sreech Owl £22.99 and 5 litre kegs of Preservation are available at £26.99 and IPA £29.99.

Orders can be placed by contacting Msr on 0115 9581735 or 0115 9208791 or emailing

The club would like to thank Strategic Development Officer Dave Hodgson and Club Accountant John Clifton for helping secure this vital grant which will bring reassurance to the managers, players and supporters.

Fund raising will obviously need to be done when allowed in order to ensure the club has funds in the bank going into next season, but the immediate crisis can now be dealt with and Hodgson continues his work behind the scenes  to help ensure the club has a bright future.

Tommy and Mark can at least plan ahead and we will continue to keep Supporters right up to date in the coming weeks, please continue to support Msr Newsgroup and Castle Rock with this brilliant initiative, it’s nice to report some good news during these very difficult times !



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