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July 28, 2019


Carlton Town will officially launch their brand new seasonal competition for players, coaching staff, supporters and Commitee members next Saturday at the home game against Belper United.
Tote will replace Bonus Ball for the forthcoming season after being Championed by Daryl Claypole, Tommy Brookbanks and new Vice Chairman Barry North.
The club’s Executive Committee see’s the benefit of launching a new competition and resting or even replacing Bonus Ball on a regular basis if the new competition takes off.
This website understands that Chairman Mick Garton has taken advice from Mick Jordan at Coalville Town on the new competition and early indications from supporters whom Barry and Mick have spoken to are very positive.
The proposal which is expected to get passed by the club’s executive committee is as follows.
Each participant will chose 2 numbers at a cost of £2 a week and if they are the first two numbers drawn out on a Saturday in any order, whoever has those numbers wins the jackpot.
The contestants can have as many goes as they wish, so two sets of numbers cost £4 a week, 3 sets of numbers £6 a week and so on.
The beauty of this competition is that as well as their regular numbers, contestants can have extra numbers on a random basis.
For example, if the jackpot is reaching a decent amount, participations may wish to select extra combinations of numbers just for that draw and pay £2 per extra go.
With Bonus Ball, new players joining the club couldn’t really take part as the competition could be weeks in, giving them virtually no chance of winning it.
Mick and Barry will both be on hand at the Belper United fixture on Saturday 3rd August (1.30pm) to answer queries relating to the competition and to collect numbers in and opening payments for the competition which will begin on Saturday 10th August following the Lotto draw after the away Fa Cup tie at Barton Town.
From information the club have, interest peeks around a decent jackpot, with 50 per cent of the takings producing the prize pot and 50 per cent going to the club, the same as Bonus Ball.
The regular numbers that Contestants have will be displayed on this website, as were Bonus Ball numbers and the estimated jackpot will be updated weekly.
Tho only thing that the website will be unable to list are extra numbers that contestants may have taken for a specific draw.
Contestants wanting extra numbers for a specific Saturday can purchase the combination of two at all home games off Mick or Barry or by texting the Chairman before 7.30pm on a Saturday as long as payment is made within 7 days.
Although the Chairman is only able to get to limited away games, Vice Chairman Barry is expected to get to most, so can also take extra goes at away games.
Both Mick and Barry are expected to be at the opening game away on Saturday 10th August.
That in a nutshell pretty much covers it off, but if there is any change following Executive Commitee discussions, this website will publish the details.
So it’s time to pick your numbers and speak to Mick or Barry next Saturday 3rd August.
The cut off time for regular entries for the first draw will be 6pm on Saturday 10th August.
Pictured above is the biggest winner of Bonus Ball, the much loved Grant Brindley who famously won £1,500, the new competition is expected to produce fantastic jackpots and more winners and create added interest and we can’t wait.



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