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December 24, 2022


Carlton Town’s Strategic Development Officer Dave Hodgson and promoter and chief organiser of the £500 special number card Greg Last have put out a statement following an unfortunate incident which has occurred at the ground.

As you are aware Greg Last proposed, at the last Carlton Town F.C. AGM, that we run a special Christmas number card to raise much needed funds to help cover the significantly increased travel costs this season and to also make one fans Christmas very special with a prize of £500.

Greg and I have been actively working to fill the card, which is now over half full.

However, unfortunately while the card was being stored in the Howard Mitchell Sports bar kitchen the daughter of an employee was able to gain access to the card and make several scratches to the coating over the winning team.

On closer inspection by Greg and myself it became clear who the winning team would be and as a result we agreed it would be morally wrong to continue selling numbers on the card.

The winning number had been sold and the prize would have been won by the Chairman Mick Garton.

Greg and I held lengthy discussions with Mick regarding this and made several proposals on how we could resolve this difficult situation in a fair and proper manner.

Mick has agreed to Forfeit his £500 prize money as he feels it would be totally inappropriate in the circumstances and unfair on others who have already contributed.

After consultations with Gary Clarke, Commercial & Marketing Manager, and Alan Murphy, head of the Supporters Group, we have all agreed that the best way forward is to transfer the names of people who have contributed so far to a new number card which will allow us to then sell the remaining numbers and hopefully be able to announce the winner in the New Year.

For anyone who wishes to secure one of the remaining numbers, please see Greg Last who will be at the Worksop game on Boxing Day.

Dave Hodgson / Greg Last




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